'Home Away From Home' Trailer Build


I am starting this thread on my trailer build I am slowly working on. Hoping to get your thoughts, critiques, and suggestions along the way.

I am starting with a brand new 7x16 Lark enclosed. Upgrades included 5200lb torsion axles, 36" side door, screwless exterior with thicker panels, LED lighting, and rear barn doors.

This photo is when I brought it home. It was dark so not the best photo.

Building from scratch

Your build needs a name. It’s forum rules…

Just kidding. But it is nice to be able to quickly distinguish all of the build threads that appear this time of year :wink:


Coated the floor and went about 8" up the walls. Had some left so decided to do the rear doors and side door also.

Going to start building shelving and a small workbenches in there tomorrow.


I will adjust that when I figure out a name. If you have any ideas let me know


I have really been struggling with the lettering and logo on the side. I do very little just house washing. I do much more restoration type work. Not sure how to advertise all that on a trailer without it looking cluttered. I am not wanting to do a full wrap. Just lettering and logo. Here is the latest design from local graphics company. I hate it. Looks cluttered and boring. Any suggestions here would be gladly considered. I know logo needs to be smaller and contact info bigger for sure.


I agree. Too busy. Simpler is better.

Top 3 or 4 services

Drop anything superfluous. Unless your market is flooded with uninsured guys who have nice rigs, drop the “fully insured”. Commercial and residential may also be unnecessary, idk.

Some graphics, color designs, water droplets/spray, or even pinstriping can spice up a “boring” design. Just as long as you don’t sacrifice legibility.

I think trust logos & social proof can work better than your typical “fully insured, free estimates, etc.” filler that a lot of guys use. These might be your BBB accreditation, local Chamber membership, current star rating on Google or Yelp, or something similar.

“Central Kansas’ [Mostest/bestest/whateverest you can honestly claim] Exterior Cleaning Company” works better than just stating your service area.

i.e., “Central Kansas’ Highest Rated Exterior Restoration Company” (but careful with that one, I think @squidskc has staked claim to something very similar sounding :smirk:)

Also, I believe “SurfaceTherapy.com” would be a little easier to read than “www.surfacetherapy.com”. The capitalization and lack of www should have no impact on the functionality of the address.


What type of coating is that?


I rarely travel to Eastern KS. If he’s the highest rated in his area or all of KS he should put that.

I am actually the highest rated in all of Kansas City so I use it. It’s been super helpful.

@SurfaceTherapy are you in central KS? Let me know if I can help at all.


@Infinity I like that, current Google rating
I’m not sure how but I’m going to use that…maybe a small decal on the lower quarter panel when/if I get a wrap


I’m looking forward to earning that title.


Great looking trailer man. I agree with you and Alex. Its hard when doing just lettering to really make something look great and stand out. Its just letters on a white background. A wrap is way more expensive, but in the long run it might give you more of what your looking for and would definitely make you stand out.


Thank you for the thorough critique and response! Will definitely implement some of your thoughts and ideas


I struggled trying to figure out what would be best. After a ton of research decided to go with epoxy paint and double the recommended amount of sharkgrip slip resistant additive. Slipping definitely will not be an issue.


Thank you for the offer on helping. I am about 4 hours away from you. Maybe call for some mental support instead. Ha!


I think this is what the graphics are going to look like. Any other suggestions for it?


The fonts look so old, I shared a link recently about an article that mentioned a few nice new ones


Looks awesome! Only thing id do would be make the phone number a tad bigger and put it in the Blue because that pops! Surface is the first thing I see when looking at the trailer because of the color.


Well I just picked up from the graphics place. I think it turned out pretty decent. Simple but gets the point across.

Has to go back to trailer dealer I got it from. 2 of the 4 wheels is leaking grease everywhere. It has Lippert brand axles. That is one company I thoroughly despise but they pretty much supply most components for campers and trailers anymore.

Hydrotek hot skid, cold machine, reels, etc going in next weekend.


Have a question for you guys regarding exhaust wrap, heat shields etc.

My plan has been to put the tank in middle of trailer and Hydrotek behind it. Quick sketch to show what I mean

With the way the exhaust points back on Hydrotek I am running into a predicament.

Plan is to run a 90 degree mandrel bend right off the muffler, straight down and go under the trailer. I want as little gap as possible between tank and exhaust tube. I am thinking heat wrap around exhaust pipe will not be enough. I know it can still get pretty hot. Would you fellas have any other suggestions? Obviously trying to space them as close as I can so there is not much wasted space.


Muffler tape. Turn machine the other way. Piece between exhaust and tank.