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Only one that doesn’t seem to be made there is CAT, maybe that’s why there garbage lol


IP owns several brands. I still wish I knew why everyone thinks Udor pumps are so good. I mean, has anyone ever seen a general throw a rod? An AR break a crankshaft? A comet head crack in half? Has anyone ran a Udor for 5000 hrs? I’m always curious and skeptical.



I believe your confused on CAT. they are the top tier by far. Sure their low end pumps aren’t everlasting but pretty much every single car wash, truck wash, and industrial washing system uses CAT pumps for a reason.


I have a CAT pump belt drive paired with a GX390 and it’s actually been the most reliable. … it was sarcasm lol


Oooooh!! You gotta put at the bottom of you post that your joking man… where u been?!?

Kinda like you can literally say anything you want as long as u put LOL at the end.


I subscribe to those guys. I don’t like the little guy all that much but I’d have a beer with Ike anytime. That guy is what I call a hi tech redneck. He makes things happen. For testing purposes only.


I have multiple with over 5000 hours


Well there ya go! All I’ve heard is how they are the best, but no supporting evidence. Remember, I’m curious, and opinionated. :+1:t3:


Their is still truth in you get what you pay for.

Take Vizio TV’s. You have a 50 inch at say Best Buy for $500 and a 50 inch at Wally World for $400. Not all the same the TV. Wally World is notorious for this. They tell manufactures what price they want the product to be. The manufacture makes a model for that price point. Rarely on these kinds of things will you be able to find the same module (search exact module number) from Wally World at other retailers. Why? The TV is made specifically for Wally World and their price point. How? Cheaper parts inside. It is NOT the same TV even through it has the same brand name and size on it. By the way, this is how the get around price matching - since you will not find the same model at other places. All the big retailers so this - manufactures make the model just for them so it has a unique module number and thus makes price matching a gimmick.
They do the same thing with computers. Think you are getting a solid HP computer. Well it does have HP name on it, but you will be getting second rate processors, graphics cards, hell, they even use cheaper heat sinks on the MB. From a regular HP, I can get 5 years out of it with minimal upgrades whereas the Wally World versions I will be replacing in 2-3 years. Over 10 years, I will spend more with the Wally World versions.

TV Example - Samsung 50" at Wal Mart - UN50NU7100 -$349
Samsung 50" at Best Buy - UN50NU7100FXZA - $419
Samsung 50" at CostCo - UN50NU710DFXZA - site won’t show price but notice the slight model # difference.
@Patriotspwashing you can be right. Sure same factory but not exactly the same product.


with no warped head or HP valve caps ?


I have had one udor fail. It had several thousand hours. Casing cracked. Udor gave me a free replacement and repaired the old one. Out of about 12 udors I’ve owned I have repacked a couple and replaced maybe less than a dozen check valves. Last week, out of town at a hotel, 4 if them froze solid. I heated them with a propane torch and was washing 30 minutes later. They typically last thru 2 or 3 engines. Bullet proof pumps


I have had 4 warp to the point of caps not re threading. I don’t know if you remember the conversation we had 18 years ago on the phone about udor but you were not using udor at the time


Yeap anyone that has worked at a few factories would know that. We have 2 machines at work that make this HIGH DOLLAR material on these fancy machines with 2 operators watching it and the specs/tolerances have to be checked all the time and then there are some other machines that make this cheap stuff that does even need to be checked and gets defects in it but the company thats buying that product doesnt really care. Both products are made at the same place but sold to 2 totally different companies.


I talk to a lot of people lol. Who are you? My first two pumps were generals. What udors are you using? Did they replace them?


Check your messages



This is so very true. Walmart destroys companies/manufacturers this way. They make a deal with a manufacturer @ a certain price per unit, say $10, order & sell millions, more than the company has ever sold in heir history. Everyone’s happy. Then on the next order Walmart says now we will only pay
$8, now the company knows they will order millions of product, and reluctantly agrees, everyone is kinda happy. Next order Walmart says we will only pay $6, the company has no choice but to agree, because they are ramped up to sell this volume, but they have to lower the quality to meet the new lower price. Next order, $4, you see where this goes… this is exactly what happened to
KICKER / Stillwater Designs. When I was young they were an elite brand of car stereo equipment, very expensive, and very high quality. Their brand was suffering a bit and Walmart swooped in to “save” them. This method put KICKER in Walmart stores around the world, and in a few years put them at the bottom of the car stereo barrel. Nothing more than China junk, sounds cheap, lasts weeks, not decades.


I left the “corporate world” 15 years ago and the grind of owning your own business is the same or worse in my experience. There are days I dream of just going back into sales and focusing on one thing again.


Open an Abu Garcia reel from Walmart and one from a sporting goods store. NOT the same internals. Walmart Garcia reels are made cheaper internally with plastic vs brass


I digress. Work smarter, plan your time accordingly, price effectively for your work and you can not be a slave to another master. Sure, their are times you will work your rear off, but it is for you not someone else. I know in my 30 years in restaurants, I made over 75 mil in profit yet in the same time I only made 4% of that figure.
In 9 months running my own business, I am already pretty close to what I was making prior to not feel the pain anymore. At this trajectory, over the next 12 months, I should easily be able to realize 150% of what I was making. There were times I would work 100 hour weeks. Even if I do that now, it is more personally rewarding and I am doing to build something that is mine, not someone else’s.

I guess it is just a matter of perspective you have on how you choose to view the world. No one way is the only way - there are 10 different ways of right.


I bought my abu Garcia from walmart :cry: i didnt know this. Im using little crappie rod right now waiting on the sun to start going down.

Yes i laid out off work today to fish :sweat_smile:
Needed to slow down from all the rushing around to get my trailer ready.