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Side gig for me but hopefully full time in a couple of years


Well, if you rage quit and tell your principle investor to stick it where the sun don’t shine, it can be your full-time gig!

10 months later, I am way happier and have replaced about 90% of my salary already. I expect over the next year to be at 150% of my salary when I left.

If you are going to work your rear off, why not do it for yourself instead of making someone else a bunch of money? They will replace you a week after you are gone.

My only regret was not doing this 10 or 20 years ago. I often wonder, had I done that, what my operation would look like today? Probably what it will look like in 5 years from now.

The following statement is partially related to another recent post if someone should go into business for themselves. To be successful in any business, you have to have a couple of things that training, money or knowledge will not give you. You have to have the drive to succeed no matter what. Failure is not an option. I don’t have any business? Better get your rear up at the crack of dawn, hit the pavement and knock on doors, walk into businesses, talk to folks everywhere you go, leave cards everywhere, join any group or organization you can. Everyday, your number 1 priority is building relationships. Everything flows from that. With strong relationships, you gain trust, with trust you gain jobs, referrals, etc.

You can’t be king of the world, if you are a slave to the grind!


That’s awesome. You notice how he won’t go in a straight line and let up on the brake? That 18 hp I put in mine will get it going about 30 mph. Even that’s almost too fast unless you upgrade the steering components. Golf carts aren’t made to go fast and either is the steering. I think my next upgrade will be a steering rack out of an old mustang or something that will work and the double control arm setup off of a quad. If I get going as fast as it can now it’s all over the place. It’s an old 93 ezgo though. I already new rod ends but to no avail. I did make a lift for it over winter and installed one of those 4 foot plows made for a mower. I threw some chains on the rear tires and believe it or not it’s a plowing beast. We had 10" of snow here during one storm and it easily moved it. I also added a UHMW plastic plow bars.


Man that will be nice golf cart if you do all that lol or should i say UTV hybrid


I’ve seen a number of top PWers using HF engines for one or more machines. Best engine available? No. Best value? Possibly!


I don’t know of anyone that does this full time that uses predator motors, but I’ve been wrong twice before lol


Well, Rob Anderson for one. :+1:


Buy a Honda or Kohler. You will make up the difference in a couple days. It just not worth the risk.


Mine has a 13hp Honda engine. Took it out on Sunday after it had been hibernating in the garage since Sept/Oct.

Tires were flat, spiderwebs were everywhere…but it started first pull.


One day you will realize everything is made in one factory and different labels put on it.lol

ALOT of Honda parts fit in predators vise versa… it’s because ALOT of their parts come from the same suppliers.

Honda doesn’t make all their parts, they sub out to other companies and then they assemble it all together for the finished product. Those same companies are making parts for other manufacturers.


I’m not applauding predator yet though… this year I’ll still be running 3 Honda’s and 1 predator. And have another GX 390 as a backup.

Knowing my luck the predator will blow up by May lol



One thing I do know is Honda uses forged cranks and pistons, predators do not. But I don’t believe this is a deal breaker on stock engines.
Mainly the guys that are hot rodding them.
But you can’t get forged parts and billet rods for the predators.


It’s pretty silly stuff, and they are kinda hard to watch, but look up “cars and cameras” on YouTube


100% true
Also most high dollar/good quality companies also make cheap knockoff to compete with other knockoff companies.
Example: spiderco and byrd knifes.


Yap, example here in Grand Rapids is a company that designs and plastic molds mirrors. They make the mirrors for the 4 largest auto manufacturers. Mirrors on a KIA and GM were made in the same factory.


Don’t get me wrong. I am not knocking Honda. I own one. I am definitely not saying HF is for everyone. Ir does intrigue me like others.


I don’t know him


I know you say that a lot and think all pumps are made in the same factory in Italy lol


Lots of factories make different brands, but to different specs. Different processes, different grades of materials and so on.


There all made in the same town in Italy.

Either they got something in the water that makes people build good pressure washer pumps, or there all being made by the same corporation.

Here’s the list of pumps all made in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

General Pump
Annovi Reverberi
Inter Pump