Harbor Freight


I’ve had one AR pump it never gave me trouble but I only had it about a year or so when I first started. I have had 5 tsf2021 though. I’ve replaced over a dozen check valve sets and packing. 2 cranks . Half a dozen connecting rods. Not broken but lots of wrist pin play. And 5 or 6 pistons. And 1 case.
I just called a few places for quotes on some udor pumps Monday. I’m willing to role the dice on the extra cost . Broken machines cost to much money when your 3 hours from your shop.


But what was your initial investment or equity stake? I worked for Texaco Oil and brought hundreds of thousands in revenue but I can’t say that I was cheated pay wise since I had no skin in the game in terms of starting, owning, or running the company.

That is until you total a truck, have an employee get hurt, or seriously damage someone’s property. I hope none of that happens to you as it has me, but that’s when you know that you are the owner. Any goofball can spray water on a house, but surviving setbacks is the proof you have staying power.

I’ll have to agree with this, so as not to hijack the thread. I don’t hate the PW business like Will does, lol, it just grinds me down year after year. I do love Winter though…


Now this guy really trusts predator motors!


I buy lots of things at Harbor Freight. Anything I think of as disposable and nothing that I actually care about keeping long term, I get there. That is my HF standard… :selfie:


My plow rig.


5 years ago that was exactly true. HF has been uping their game pretty fast. I think they are aiming to be the new Craftsman. There are still items that are essentially one use/disposable but it’s getting to be a smaller and smaller group. Their Pittsburgh Pro, Icon, Braun, etc are darn respectable tools. Not Snapon by any means but definitely usable in a professional environment.


I get what you’re saying but I hope they aim higher than that. Sears let Craftsman go to junk, hopefully Lowes can revive the brand. I buy angle grinders at HF for $13 and throw them away every few months. I have a Milwaukee angle grinder that is still a beast after 18 years. Maybe those days are over now, I don’t know, even Snap-on is disappointing me these days.


You have to use common sense when shopping at HF. If you purchase the absolute cheapest thing you can get, expect one or two uses. That’s with anything in life, not just HF. I’m a self proclaimed cheapa**. but I know when to be cheap, when to buy better, and when to buy the best. All the brands I grew up respecting have pretty much gone to poop, so what in my eyes is the best isn’t any longer. I own thousands of dollars in dewalt tools, 12v and 20v, brushed and brushless, they are awesome for my needs, and the battery life on the brushless is unbelievable, but they are not the quality they were 20 yrs ago. I have a dewalt 10amp 4.5” grinder from 1995, I used it for years pipelining, it still works like new. I have one at my cabin I bought a couple years ago, and it squeals and vibrates when it’s slowing down. Just crap. Anyway HF is definitely stepping up their game, lots of you will never change your mind, but it’s happening. They guys that buy the cheapest tool in the store and it breaks, they form that opinion and keep it forever. If they would have chosen the middle or higher tool they would have a different opinion. HF now has 3 levels on most every tool, you can’t choos the bottom and expect the best! one more thing, pay attention to HERCULES & BAUER, they have hundreds of new tools coming out as we speak. very impressive quality for the money. in you spare time check out AVE on YouTube, he cusses like crazy, but tons of good information from his channel.