Harbor Freight

The predator motors at harbor freight…and GO!

In all seriousness I have read where some guys I think have these and that they actually perform well. If this is the case I can get one of those and an 8gpm pump for less then what I am about to spend on a 5.6gpm from The Power Wash Store…

I am still new and trying to just make the best choice possible.

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Yugo made a car that ran for awhile. Honda made one that ran a lot longer. Your money, but if you are planning on doing this for the long haul, why take chances?


This is why I am asking. I am currently planning a day trip to the Powerwash Store next week to pick up the 5.6 gpm @ 2500 PW. Last minute like I can do sometimes I started to try and think a way into an 8 gpm machine…


That looks like the one.

If you have the cash get a 8 but a 4 or 5.5 gpm is fine for starting out. Its not like your going to be so swamped with work that you cant keep up without more gpms. Plus it will be a backup pressure washer after you eventually buy your 8gpm.


The smaller engines are really good. The 212 and the 420. Parts are difficult to come by from HF. BuT the aftermarket is blowing up on them. The 670 I honestly can’t tell you. $659 vs $1300, that 1/2 money. You can opt for the 2 yr warranty which is DEFINITELY a good deal and worth the $100. It’s just an exchange, if it breaks they just give you a brand new one. We all know Honda is the king of small engines, all 3 of my 390’s are 10+ yrs old. Still start 1st pull every time. Like
@Innocentbystander said it’s your money, you gotta make the choice.


That was my plan and still is. I just saw the motors and all I could think was 8 gpm.

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Bottom line.

You get what you pay for…

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There are a lot of good reviews about the Harbor Freight engines but how many of those reviewers run them day in and day out in a commercial setting? I have a couple hf engines that I run on a tiller and log splitter but I don’t use them very often. I have a similar 18 hp clone in our golf cart and I’m on my second one in two years. It threw a rod and blew a hole in the crank case in a little over a year. Next time it happens I’m putting a Vanguard V twin in it.

If you read the Harbor Freight warranty they’ll exchange it one time and one time only during that two years. I believe Honda will fix it as many times as necessary during their 3 year warranty.

Just some things to think about.

When I bought my machine 8 months ago, I did so with the intent that this is going to be how I make money.
My livelihood and family’s well being depends on me be able to work every day.

You get what you pay for. There is a reason Honda is twice as expensive has rip-offs.

I made the decision that for me, spending the extra cash for a top quality machine was more than worth it. I keep track of every oil change date, receipt for Honda filter and Honda oil, etc. If I ever have a problem, there will be no questions asked and I know it will be fixed pronto. What is HF gonna do? Give you another machine, you have to deal with replacing it and then what in another 6 months if their is a problem?

I think it all comes down to - HF is great for things that are more disposable in nature or something that you really won’t use that much but would be good to have around at a cheap price.


Harbor Freight has their strengths. I can’t even guess at the number of tarps I’ve bought there.

But if I’m asked why I don’t buy my tools at Harbor Freight, I always reply ‘same reason I don’t get my oil changed at WalMart’

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Have you ever wondered why you had to buy so many tarps in the first place? :smirk:

There’s a 70’ batting cage in the back yard that may or may not (but definitely does) require many tarps.

The 2 hurricanes and endless rain this year didn’t help. Lots of trees down.

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Id go with a Kawasaki 600cc engine. It will make going to the mailbox alot quicker.


You went straight into the business full time? If so nice hustling lol.

Chicago electric isnt that bad.

I did a good bit of research on the HF motors and overall the consensus seems to be they aren’t reliable for commercial use.

I had the Predator 420 on my previous rig and it ran well for me. It stalled out on one occasion, but it started up right afterwards.

I had done pressure washing for 30 years as a hobby/sometimes side gig. I spent that 30 years in the restaurant industry. I am that guy that left a high-paying officer of the company job to go spray water for a living. Had enough of what that industry is all about.