(Further) downstream metering SOAP injector


Had kind of a brainstorm on the way to a job this morning, and curious if anyone has tried anything like this:

Install an oversized ds injector downstream of the regular injector. Set it up to have a few different detergents/solutions in small batches gravity fed through metering valves.

The spring would have to be removed a la Bob’s modded injectors because the injector won’t be pulling enough of a vacuum to pull soap with it there.

My reason for this hairbrained idea is that, as much as I love my stainless proportioning injector, I’m sort of restricted as to how much surfactant is in my mix. If I want to mix up a batch of building wash solution with some butyl or caustic degreaser to cut the road grime I’m a bit stuck, as well.

I think it’d be kind of cool to be able to tweak my solution on the fly for each scenario. But I know this is overcomplicating things :smirk:


Here’s the best of my on the fly with my GP high draw



Ordered mine yesterday and will be doing the same


Mind expounding on your setup a bit? What are those tips in (what I assume are) your drop tubes?

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Those are proportioners in the suction tubes. They make some for drop tubes. A local Aaladin dealer gave me a bag of them when they were trying to schmooze me. Never tried them.


HydroChem makes this for downstreaming

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@squidskc is right. I use the GP high draw ,run all my soaps,acids at 100 percent ,then put my proportioners at the end of my DS 1/4 poly tubes,. Change my ratios on the fly using different proportioner colored tips. Just a cheap way to regulate my acids and soaps. The DS adjustable ones or metering dials don’t work for me. My acids eat them up to quickly. Got a strainer basket that twists on the end. So it’s a 1/4 barb that goes in the poly line,porporationers screw into that, then strainer basket screws on to that. $20

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Or redneck engineer it ,like I did the red tip in the pic above and use a lil propane torch to heat up the 1/4 poly line, screw your proportioner in then let it cool. Molds itself via heat


Where can you order some of those? Thanks


mine should be in the next couple of days. I am sure I’ll be hitting you up (once again! I’m sure you’ll get tired of me haha).

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I got my set up from boatner enterprise ,in poplar bluff Missouri. But Pressure Tek has just the proportioners


If you get those garbage hauling trucks, you better take ALOT of before and AFTERS. Those amazing pics are gonna help your street cred my man


I’ll run out of film on my phone before I get enough before/afters on those. I don’t even care if I do just one or two, I want the pictures to showcase.

I am hoping to find out today if they are interested. He met with his VP yesterday and told me to call today. They currently have someone but I really doubt it, as I have never seen a clean tractor or trailer. Hell, I haven’t seen a semi-clean tractor or trailer since they started.