Foam cannon idea

Hey all :slight_smile:

I know foam cannons have their place, usually cars - and with houses, they can only spray so far up etc.

But I was thinking about using one for low set homes, gutters, eaves, screens/windows - and also driveways to get a thick foam pre-treatment down.

The problem I see is that the bottle is very small.

My solution would be to get rid of the bottle, run the suction tube (extended of course) to a backpack (7 Gal) and get away from that restriction, similar to what I found with the X-Jet etc.


I wouldn’t want chems on my back. Foam sounds neat but I think there needs to be some surface agitation when the soap is applied to break up the surface tension. Foam doesn’t do that. I think there is only one guy here that uses foam and he probably isn’t the best guy to get sound advice from.


Fair point. I had a backpack leak SH down my back when the diaphragm burst underneath. Wasn’t fun.

I thought foam would…

  1. Look cool.

  2. Dwell and stay put rather than run off (driveway)

  3. Penetrate screens and crevices etc.

Thanks for the info :ok_hand:t2:

You dont need a foam bottle for foaming.
And i wouldnt put chems on my back either.
If you want to foam use a foamer tip.


I have had customers look at me weird when DS chem on the driveway and asked if I was going to put any cleaner on it since it looked like I was just rinsing the driveway. Since then, I have added a ton of soap (8 oz per gal of water) just to create bubbles/foam for nothing more than show. Sure I might have to rinse a bit more, but the customers see all this foam and instantly think I am super cleaning and no more questions or looks…LOL

Kind of like going through the car wash, kids get a kick out of the rainbow of colors from the soap foams they use. I am sure the color doesn’t do anything at all, but it looks cool.

Used to be in restaurants for 30 years, always put a bit of pine sol in the water for cleaning bathrooms for no other reason than people instantly associate pine smell with clean (just don’t over do it).

Perception is reality and it doesn’t matter what your perception is, only the customer.


Bingo!!! BINGO!!!

Also by foaming you safe on chems… but then again they are cheap


What the customer thinks is irrelevant.

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The final product should be proof enough.

How far can you reach with that tip?
What gpm are you running?
Do you add a foaming agent to your hw?

This is with a 4@4k
April212018 PW

With 8gpm.

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Use your regular house mix and you should be ok

They both reach about 2.5 stories high.

A bit off topic -

I was wanting to use my 12 volt pump to replace hand pumps. Any issue with running caustic, OA or other chems given a water rinse through pump after?

Sorry cant help there.
Maybe @SchertzServicesLLC could
I Dont use a 12v pump other than a transfer pump from harbor freight for SH.
I rinse well after.
I use pump for other chems

The problem I run into with using 12v is it takes too much chem just to fill up the hose. You would need a good size job for it to be beneficial. I use it for degreaser application on parking lots but most other jobs can’t justify such a large batch mix. Xjet works better for me in most cases.

Havent had any problems with SH. But I am the same as @Ikii and just use the 12V to transfer chems. I DS most of my work and x jet what I can’t DS.

By the way @Ikii… WHAT IS THIS MESS…Capture


This guy is a hoot.

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Slow day at the office… Needed a good laugh lol

That sounded like quite a bit of pressure hitting the house.