Foam cannon idea


Not at all, it us foam


I am pretty sure it is to make Racer and Brodie twitch!


It’s been awhile since I’ve been shocked here…


Can you foam muriatic acid?

(Strictly a joke… Soapbox: new readers should disregard the recommendation to use muriatic acid roughly 90% of the time its recommended on this forum. That’s probably a generous percentage too.)


That’s 200’ of 2” hose… haha I can’t stop myself today. I’m leaving the internet for 24 hours.


I know but i had to get all out to get to the back of the house.
250 ft


Id rather take out a knife and cut it off at the reel and leave it than try to unwind that mess lol…


Remember what I said about only one person here uses a foamer and about being wary of unsound advice lol. @squidskc 2inch hose had me dying.


To the OP I am terribly sorry I derailed this train… But I couldn’t ignore the elephant in the room that is 250 foot of hose laying on the ground in that video…

@Innocentbystander it reminds me of a hose lay that had the wrong valve turned on while still in the truck…


After reading this lot - I’m just going to increase my soap in the mix and forget the whole foam thing!

Thanks for the comments!


Yes!!! Pragmatism prevails!!!

For anyone with questions:


Very pragmatic reply.


Too much soap means too much to rinse a foamer requires less soap, thus you rinse faster


Actually that is incorrect. Elemonator allows for quicker rising due to its chelating properties. Other soaps and surfactants do the same thing, I know you want to help but there are new guys here that don’t to overlook some of your comments. You are probably just tired from sorting out that birds nest of hose.


@CaCO3Girl even stated in past posts that the use of too much surfactant is counter productive.
It also clings onto siding too much and removing harder


From here


Because soap reaches a maximum effective ability at X dilution and anything more is cost prohibitive?


Not worring about cost so much, but my time spent at rinsing.


Nope. Sucks to be wrong but it will build character in you. You are correct in that she stated “too much” is bad. None of the professionals are promoting using too much though. It does not cling to the siding to much though or make rinsing harder if you use professional chems correctly. You have started several times in the past that you don’t use professional chems and we know you use chems incorrectly. Learn from this site and you will improve your business and techniques tremendously.


Exactly. Foam is no good for house washes. See, you taught your self something. Good job