First ever house wash!


If your house is stucco buy a backpack sprayer and spray it down that way. Depending on how dirty it is youre going to want to be somewhere around 2-4% sh. Its going you take you forever buy like the other guy said above down streaming probably won’t touch it. Porous substrates need a stronger mix. Honestly you’d be fine just rinsing with a garden hose. There’s nothing professional about doing it that way but it’ll get the job and you can experiment with different % of sh to get an idea of what you’ll need to do in the future.

I wouldnt plan on cleaning your driveway with a rental unless you can rent a surface cleaner with it…and the correct nozzles. In my opinion its not really safe to hit residential concrete with anything over 2500 psi. I learned that the hard way. Alot of resi concrete is really soft amd only rated for 2000-3000 psi but unless you can talk to the guy who poured it theres almost no way to know.


I’m loving that blue trailer. I almost painted my blue! Ohhh, I wish I had!!! :confounded:


Dont use a backpack sprayer unless you think chemical burns on your anus sounds like a good time.




Why do pornstars spend hundreds to there anus bleached when you can buy a $30 backpack sprayer from Harbor freight.


As long as its connected right then a backpack sprayer shouldn’t be a problem. If It’s not leaking then it shouldn’t cause anus burns… Maybe you used it wrong. I’m not advocating cleaning with a backpack sprayer. I’m just saying what I said.


Stucco will clean up just like any other surface with down streaming. 2 to 4 percent SH will ruin paint . Especially dark and bright colors.


Not in my experience. And stucco isn’t usually painted.


Stucco absolutely gets painted down here.


It’s probably an epa violation to paint stucco in California.


I would think stucco needs a protective coating anywhere?


Thanks yea it gives it a pop…I get compliments daily on it!!


I saw his video thought it was somewhat helpful…but I did think it was odd for him to say to push it to the edge…wouldn’t it collect on there?? So whats the proper technique just go with the overlaps but still going side to side pushing it? I feel like its kinda hard to not go against it when your coming back from left to right and right to left when im pushing the chemical off…I did my sisters yesterday and it actually turned out pretty damn good no spots once it dried!! I was pretty happy with the result!!


Just because it gets painted doesn’t mean its supposed to be. Stucco needs to breath. If you want colored stucco the pigment is mixed with the final coa of the stucco itself. No need to paint is one of the major benefits of using stucco in the first place.


True. Stucco shouldn’t be painted on because of breathability(that may not be a word) and moisture issues. However, you will see paint on the majority of homes down here. I’ve never had any issues with paint losing color due to chemical strength though. Have you had any experience with that?


Like dogby said, the majority, probably 90% of stucco houses down here in Fl. are painted.


Are you sure about that? I have never heard that stucco shouldn’t be painted or that it needs to “breath” and a quick google search didn’t yield even one website that warned against painting stucco/dry-vit.


Idk how accurate that really is, but I’ve heard it before. With that said, I painted my house and washed multiple painted homes with no issues.


Ive never seen paint fade on dry vit or stucco. Not even with straight sh. painted wood/ vinyl is a different story.


I think they are referring to painting it right after putting it on before it’s had a chance to cure and harden.