First ever house wash!


To each his own . It’s your Buisness do what you feel you should. But this is a forum people look to for help and GOOD advice. Telling someone that’s new to the Buisness that’s it ok to spray strong mix on a house is a quick way to get them in a bad spot. You man not of had any issues but I can guarantee you if you put 4 percent SH on many of the homes I clean. They won’t be calling to say good job. They will be calling for your insurance information. Almost all of the homes and businesses around here are painted buildings


Alright then…I’d rather not have an internet argument with another grown man.


I don’t mind. He has had 4 posts in the last 5 years. That’s not much in the way of giving advice. Before that it was advising not to use a trigger gun. See where that gets you with an insurance or osha audit. Your advice was solid


Your correct I don’t post often . I tend to keep to my self . Also I still don’t use trigger guns .


I didn’t realize. The more you post means the more you know


It’s your business to do what you like. People come here for good advice, so please don’t give any more bad advice.


I’ll be sure to run it by you first for you approval


Not necessary. Common sense is the best filter


Thanks buddy. I figured I was better off just leaving it alone.


I am relatively new into the industry too. But, what I’ve read is 5 gallon total mix means 3-5 oz. Elemenator. I use it and works great in my mixes.


Hey all, 20 year plasterer here.

I just wanted to clarify that traditional hardcoat and EIFS can be painted with elastomeric paints. Here in Georgia you will see 3 common exposed surface variations: hardcoat, color coat (hardcoat with pigment in the mix), acrylic finish coats that can cover both (EIFS and hardcoat) systems-most common here.

When homeowners have an acrylic finish coat it’s actually recommended to paint after 10-15 years depending on exposure to the elements OR have it resurfaced again with another acrylic coat. That stuff is 1/16-1/8" thick max, porous when cured, and wears out.

BTW this forum is awesome! So much useful information from everyone. Back to lurk mode while I study some more!