First ever house wash!


I’m gonna do my first ever legitimate house wash today, hope it goes well… I’ve been doing nothing but researching and learning for the past month, I’ve come a long way in a short time from that fool with the cig hanging out his mouth with a gc190 and 25 foot hose :joy: I will update when I’m done!! Let’s hope I do a good job and dont ruin my name with my very first residential wash. Haha. Cheers to all that have been helping me, you all are the real mvps… have a great day everyone !!


Good luck. Have you done any test washes like on your own home or family members home first?


(Update) did a test spot, watching it dwell, checking if my mix is right or if I need to adjust it. I’m going for an 8 or 9 minute dwell.


Go strong with your mix until you can figure it out…I can’t handle another why is my mix not cleaning the siding…because my injector is 100-1


First wash was a success !! Big thank you to @Nashvillewash and @SchertzServicesLLC for being my softwashing professors at Hogwarts school of washcraft and rinsery… you guys are great and I shall forever be in debt to youse lmfao… should have took more pics but I got a couple to follow.



Nice work! Not sure if u did or not but get in the habit of bagging those lights. 5 mins of prep to save ur butt


Thanks Jay !! I didnt bag em tho, but I should eh? So I dont short out peoples electric or?


Search “house fire must read “


Nice job.


Yes to prevent electrical problems & also protect the finish of those lights


Nice job looks good…!! I have only practiced on mines…but I keep getting dirt spots after it drys any idea why? what the proper technique? I soaped from bottom to top and then rinsed top to bottom but maybe im shooting to straight instead of side to side when I rinse??? HELP!!


I’m still new to softwashing myself bud. But it maybe sounds like either your mix ain’t strong enough or whatever your trying to wash isnt organic …


My house is vinyl siding…and its not very dirty at all a few dirt spots but no mold or anything like that i used a 50/50 mix with elemonator.


What’s your recipe?


2.5 gal of 12.5 SH 2.5 water and 10oz elemonator


Your recioe is weak and you’re using too much surfactant


You need to figure out how much your injector is pulling so you know what percent of sh is hitting the house. It’s hard to say if you mix is too weak without knowing what your injector is pulling. You want about 1% sh hitting the house.

It’s also possible you’re getting leakers from the weep holes in the siding. When spraying make sure you look at the joints of the siding. You want to spray in the direction of the overlap. Make sure you’re not spraying towards the joint and getting water behind the siding.


Also, don’t stand to close to the house.


How many gpm is your machine, and what injector are you using, and how much hose are you using ? These things matter. Also the size of the orifice in the injector as well as placement of the injector plays a role too. Like I said I’m still a newbie myself to house washing, but these things are common knowledge and stuff you need to know for sure bud !