First ever house wash!


Thanks a lot for information man.

I looked up ‘gl’ but couldn’t find the meaning for it so I am assuming you mean gallon? If that’s the case (3 oz of surfacang per 15 gallon of water) Surely I wouldn’t be making that large of a batch. So my question is how long does that mix last in storage before it hardens up & becomes unusable or can you just add water to it making it palleable again?

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If you don’t think you’ll use 15 gallons just make a smaller batch. Only takes a minute to mix more if need be. SH loses potency so you don’t won’t to hold onto it for too long.

Be sure to do some research on cleaning stucco if you haven’t already. It’s a difference process than cleaning vinyl. Most use an x jet because they can’t get a strong enough mix down streaming.


Thank you.


@marinegrunt can the same be said about roof cleanings ? Cuz I’ve heard you need a way hotter mix for that too ! Otherwise you’d need a 12 volt setup ?


Or is an xjet still not capable of doing the roof cleanings ?


one person in a hundred will get lucky and clean a roof with an xjet.


Possible but PIA buy a 12v system.


The “bumpy” texture is called dry vit. Sh and soap are the primary chems for cleaning organic stains like mildew. Dry vit and stucco will require more sh because it’s more porous. Vinyl and painted wood domt need as much sh because the mildew generally stays on the surface. Use a little less soap than normal when doing dry vit and you’ll save time rinsing.


Thanks a bunch. So instead of using say 2 gallons of 12.5% SH with 3 gallons of water (in a 5 gallon bucket). You’d use 2 1/2 gallons or even 3 gallons of 12.5% SH with the rest water.

When you say soap do you mean elemenator? Because I have read that the general rule of thumb of “surfacant” (I hope I am using the correct terminology) is 1 oz per 1 gallon. So 3 oz of elemenator for 3 gallons. But one thing I’m not totally clear on is… is it 1 oz per 1 gallon of the total mixture (SH & water) or 1 oz per 1 gallon of water. Example: 5 gallon mixture with 3 gallons being 12.5% SH the other being 2 gallons of water. Would you use 5 oz of elementator or 2 oz?

Thank you. Have a good day. Really do appreciate it.


What would you recommend instead of spraying against vinyl? I am assuming you say it is not good because water will get trapped causing mildew/algae/etc to form inside the hard to reach crevices?



Don’t spray against the overlaps. Spray with them


I will look into xjetting.

With xjetting you have to dilute & with downstreaming you do not because the dilution will occur by itself if you have the proper pressure/psi?

I watched a video on Dan’s Vlogs youtube channel & he said you need to dilute direct application but not downstreaming?

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Dan vlog is an idiot. Please don’t learn from him. You can dilute when you downstream just like you can with an xjet


Yeah Dan’s vlogs are really not that great. Hes an amateur at best… he shouldn’t be giving people advice. He does some really screwy stuff. To me, he comes off like a beer money guy, and he charges like 85 dollars for a house wash. Far from a proffesional.


Pretty sure he is saying not to dilute with 10% or 8%. Yes, you do have to be careful with his advice.


Dan was doing $70 for 1 story and $120 for 2 story. Definitely a low baller.


Thanks everyone. Thinking about renting a pressure washer this weekend to soft wash my house & pressure wash the driveway & side walk. :sunglasses: really want to get some hands on experience.


There you go. Do your home. Talk to your friends and family. You may have mentioned it already, but what material is your home? I know you’re in central Florida, and most homes here are stucco. Unfortunately, down steaming won’t touch most stucco homes. Luckily, people here do care about driveways. Apparently that’s not true for most areas according to some on here. Driveways are quick and easy money.


Check it out:

Disregard the last two pics of the green wood. My house is the first 2 of the bumpy/rough texture.

In my town there isn’t a lot of other professional power wash companies. I saw about 3-5 on google with more than 20 ratings & a handful with only 1-5 ratings… compared to the 40+ lawn care companies.


Soap= surfactant. Elemonatoe is just a brand name. If the diections call for 1 oz per gal then that’s 1 oz per gal of total soap mix. It doesn’t matter whether its water or sh. So 5 oz per 5 gal regardless of how much is water or sh.

Personally I almost always downstream straight 12.5% sh with a little surfactant. No water in my mix. With my injector this puts me right around 1.25% sh hitting the wall.

Some people might say thats a little strong but I dont have a problem with it.