Elemonator and Oxalic Acid?


So no on hydroflouric but yes on hydrochloric?


Hydrochloric / muriatic fumes like crazy, the smell will take your breath away, and it will burn you…but they sell huge jugs of it at the pool store for DIY projects. It’s not one of the items I consider to be truly bad. HF is bad, one of the worst in our market, but it does work. Can’t deny that.




This refract is perfect for you guys, but only if your mixing and want to check your strength

Anpro Brix Refractometer for Homebrew, Beer Wort Refractometer Dual Scale Specific Gravity 1.000-1.120 and Automatic Temperature Compensation 0-32% Replaces Homebrew Hydrometer https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M1GLSSF/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_G2rsCbRYQ5DDX


Awesomeness thanks now your going to have to hold a class on how to use it for us non chemists…lol


Thanks! I’m just curious about it to be honest. I’ll go ahead and pick one up.


It’s super simple to use. Make a solution. Be it 5% oxalic or whatever. Then pour some on the blue glass, close the lid, look through the eye piece (might have to focus it), what number is there a change from white to blue? That’s your number for 5% oxalic acid.

Hint: it may not actually be the number 5, lol! Depending on what you are measuring. Some things don’t show up on there at all, but most things in your field will. It’s helpful when you have evaporation in the tank and you add more water and oxalic into it…what’s your real concentration??? This helps with that.


Glad to know I have it priced right. That’s exactly where it’s at. Hoping for great results.


Ummmm…maybe not.

3 Do not measure abrasive or corrosive chemicals with this instrument. They can damage the prism’s coating.


I measure caustics all the time, as well as phos and oxalic mixes. I don’t measure HF. I agree not to measure abrasives though, lol!


OA @ 1lb(3cup) / gallon

Rolled on with 18” roller. 3 applications and some spot treating with agitation


Nicely done, Youngster!


Obviously I need to up my OA mix…I use a well rounded cup to a gallon…lol…I would have had to treat that like 6 times…It looks great !!!


It won’t dissolve if you go over 1lb. I learned this yesterday. And if you heat the water it will dissolve only to resolidify when returned to room temperature.


Since your the Resident chemist and we’re on the subject…whats the most oxalic acid you can add to a gallon to make it as strong as possible…at some point I’m sure your just wasting it adding to much…@Harold just answered my question while I was typing


This was in my not so scientific lab of a garage. I’d still be interested to hear what she has to say.

@CFH made a couple OA threads not too long ago. A lot of good conversation in them.

Oxalic Acid Recipes to Determine % Strength


The saturation point of OA in water is 14%, in theory. But my experience has been closer to 10%. It goes in better if you add some phosphoric acid, helps keep it in solution.


If you don’t mind me asking how much phosphoric acid say per gallon a water.


If you want some potent OA, just throw it all in a bucket and dissolve what will, then pour off the top after it’s settled. Not sure if this is necessary but it’ll give you the strongest mix possible


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