Elemonator and Oxalic Acid?


@CaCO3Girl Mary, how many Lipton full size tea bags and cups of sugar will dissolve into one gallon of water, and still allow for ice cubes?


I can’t give my formulas away but ill say less than 5% phos…and it wouldn’t hurt to put your favorite surfactant in there at less than 2%


Sorry, that’s food chemistry and my family (who are great cooks and even master chefs) are convinced the cooking gene morphed into the chemistry gene in me. I do NOT give advice on food things…it doesn’t go well :joy:


Great Job Harold!

Question - did you only treat the rust spots or did you do the entire driveway?


Thanks. I treated up until the expansion joints of the section that the rust was in. You could see a slight difference but I was out of OA and the customer was beyond happy.


Your results are similar to what I see. A general “whitening” with some concentrations of extra white. Does anyone know how to blend this out and make it look more natural and even?

Do an acid wash after?


That’s the only thing I would do different. I rolled the entire thing 3 times, then spot treated. I will not spot treat next time. I’ll either roll it more or accept the residual stain


Nicely done. Youngster!


Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t get all the confusion. After surface cleaning once (no hot water), I came back and pump sprayed OA, waited for rust stain to disappear (5mins), and rinsed.

I use liquid OA that comes in 5gal bucket without diluting. $50 and I charged $100 to remove.


Drive by in two weeks and see if it’s back. Sadly, sometimes a shadow returns.


I tell the customers it’s coming back, unless they turn off their irrigation system…lol


Where do you get your OA from in liquid form?


Local PW equipment store. It’s called White Ox.