Downstream injector siphon tubes

I’ve got the Xjet m5 and a downstream injector on my hot water unit. The siphon tube for the Xjet works great. It’s plastic but thick, has a nice heavy strainer filter that sits in my 5 gallon bucket with the chemical, then the part that connects to the Xjet itself is perfect. Also it’s about 12 feet long with a valve to open and close off the chemical. However my downstream injector came with a pitiful 3 foot long skinny plastic siphon, that gets no suction and will not stay in the chemical bucket because it’s so light. It just slides out. Where can I find a good long sturdy siphon for my DS injector that gets good suction and stays in the soap/chemical bucket??

Look for this

Thread a piece of string through a couple nuts or washers and then tie that to the tube near the bottom.

That’s nice. I’m not that high tech yet. This is a side gig for me

Take a brass fitting on the hose and it will slide down to the strainer and hold it down

I’ll try this out! Thanks! Why would the suction be so weak?

Sounds like a good idea. I’ll see how this works, thanks

Just like this one

Perfect. Your theory looks like it basically work as a brass fitting washer that add weigh. Hopefully this will create a better suction of the soap/chemical

has work good for me.

Adds weight* I’ll try it out. Thanks again!

Chemical tank or bucket? read through this.

about half way down check it out

Will do!

@Ikii why are you giving horrible advice again? Do you even read the post before coming up with an answer? He’s asking about a simple issue with a DS and you refer him to proportioner for a soft wash set up?


A short piece of pvc over your injector hose will keep it from curling and floating.


Try something like this.

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Thank you for picking up my slack lol


Home Depot has a 10ft hose in the plumbing supply isle. Then put a 2 ft pvc pipe on it to hold it down in the bucket…it also works as a Handel to remove it or stir your hw mix.

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Appreciate it @patriotswashing. Your idea or the brass washer sounds like sound advice that works and is cheap. Steve that is the exact top that fits on my Xjet pale. I could run a siphon out of the top of it and connect it to my DS injector. All you fellas have be a big help. I’ll let you know how it turns out