Chemical tank or bucket?

Hi guys, new to PWRA and the pressure washing business. I’ve been looking at a 35 gal chem tank from tractor supply for $100. This is going to be a side business starting out. I’m planning to downstream my chemicals, mainly SH when washing a house. I guess I’ll use a sprayer when using other chemicals, or just switch my siphon to a different bucket.
Should I get the tank or just downstream from a bucket?

Also related: I’d love to hear everyone’s SH mix ratio and how you’re applying it.


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Use a bucket with lid, or get a 10 or 15 gallon open-top drum off CraigsList for $10.

Keep things minimalistic to start out, until you figure out what works for you, and what you really need.

Thanks, I was kinda hoping for some realistic advice like that. Northern Tool sells this 15 gallon tank. Just not sure of the best way to pull chemicals out of it. Do you think this tank would work good for me?

You want more vertical if you’re just going to dropping your siphon in, other wise won’t draw the last few gal. It depends on how much mix you’re going to need for a particular job. Small house or to pretreat a drive, 5 gal bucket will be fine. Bigger jobs where you don’t want to have to make up more batches I use this -

They make it in a clear and a blue. Blue one hard to see thru to see how much mix you have left, so get the clear one. If you have a few gal. left can just screw the lid on and carry to next job


This is what we all use down in New Zealand 5 gallon / 20 liters so perfect size but still has a lid so if it does roll over it wont spill anywhere, The ones i use also has venting caps so if pressure builds up due to gasses it vents them safely,
I just drill a small hole in a spare cap and slide my down stream hose through the second cap and once i am finished and flushed my system i replace the cap with a hole in it with one that’s does not have a hole and than i am ready to drive off.


Some great ideas/suggestions. I like those buckets. Washritenz do you have a link to that bucket?


Run your siphon hose through one of these



I like your Tank Racer but how do you pour SH into that little 2" bung?

Just pump it in from my SH tank with one of those $20 hand pumps, or use my roof pump. It’s plenty big enough.


Hey where did you get thank tank from? I’ve found things similar to that drum but without a venting cap.

@Racer has a good point. Those 15 gallon drums work great. I keep two of them on my trailer with SH incase I need to mix another batch in my 65 gallon chemical tank. If you wanna save some money you can get those extremely cheap or free at local stores. That’s what coke, Dr pepper etc comes in for fountain drinks. I have several of them the only difference is they are blue.


my chem supplier gives them to us

chem tank all the way the bigger the better IMO,

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Can I use 12.5% sh undiluted in my chemical tank with my 20% downstream injector for house and roof washing? I have an 8gpm/3000psi skid on my trailer with a 425 gallon buffer tank. Chemical tank is 35 gallons​. Thanks for any professional advice. Or, should I use 10% sh undiluted?

Can I use undiluted 12.5% sh in my 35 gallon chemical tank with my 20% downstream injector, or should I use the undiluted 10% sh? I’m using this for house and roof washing. My trailer skid is an​ 8/GPM 3000/psi belt-drive pump with a 425 gallon buffer tank. Thanks for your advice.

I usually mix my chemical tank for roof cleaning about 40%SH /60% water. So with my roof mix already in my chemical tank for my 12v pump if I go do a house wash I just drop my downstream injector hose into my roof mix and it works perfect.


Thanks :yum:

So for your 35 gal chem tank you could put about 15gal of the 12.5% SH and then fill the rest with water.

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Would that make it over diluted since my downstream injector is 20%? At 8 gallons per minute?