Pro-Mix-Alot V2

I introduce to you the Pro-Mix-Alot V2.
This setup took me about 6 hours to put together, test and give it a approval for use to my standard.
With about 5 minutes of testing, you can get what ever mix you want and have it repeatable.
My house washes are broken down into (3) categories. 10/90, 25/75, 50/50 (bleach to water ratio). With these valves, I etched with a razor blade a notch onto the bleach valve. If I need a 10/90 ratio, I turn the bleach handle to line up with the the 10/90 notch. Same applies to 25/75 ratio, it has its own notch. Need a 50/50 mix? Open both valves all the way. No matter what ratio you are looking for, the water valve stays fully open. You use the bleach valve to adjust your mixture. The notches do allow for 100% repeatability! You can put as many notches as you want to get your desired mix ratio. 3 is enough for me. If Im looking for roughly a 15/85 ratio, I will simply line up the valve between the 25 and 10 notches. Same applies if Im looking for a ratio between 25 and 50. Line up the valve between the 25 and full open notches If you absolutely need a 2.5% mix and need to be dead on balls accurate to the drop, then you may want to get a $100 GF valve for your bleach side…… And there still is NO guarantee your going to hit your mark every single time. If you need a 50/50 roof mix, are we really going to cry if it turns out to be 48/52 ratio?
The suction for my soap is quite simple. XJET components! You will need a Xjet hose barb and their little plastic multi colored proportioners.
You simply dump the Xjet hose barb into your soap. The proportioners determine how much soap you want to suck since they have very very small holes. The proportioner holes vary in diameter size from .010-.128. The largest proportioner opening is 1/8” (.128). With 14 proportioners to choose from, you will be able to choose your soap setting.
You really only need 2. One for a general house wash and one for a roof wash. If you need to switch out the proportioners, simply pull your hose from your soap container and swap out the proportioner. YES, its that simple!
Now your soap needs to have somewhat of a water consistency. The Pro-Mix-Alot V2 will NOT suck the thick soap that we all use from our vendors. Get yourself a milk jug, juice container, or even a 2.5gal SH container from the pool store. Fill it with about 1/3 soap and about 1/2 with water, shake and place your soap hose in the container. This will break down the soap from its thick consistency and allow the Pro-Mix-Alot V2 to suck it through the soap line.
The hoses for your bleach and water need to be the same length. A few inches off is no big deal. But one at 5’ and the other at 7’ is a NO-GO. The pump will suck more from the shorter hose and screw up your ratios. For me, my water tank hose is 7’ long. My Bleach tank is 3’ from my Pro-Mix-Alot V2. Seeing as how both hoses need to be the same length, I took the bleach hose and coiled it a few times (like when wrapping up a extension cord), secured it with zip ties and let it be. Now both water and bleach have 7’ hoses. The (3) check valves do have Hastelloy springs. So they will last! The Banjo Micro Valves do have FKM internals. This is A+ for bleach. So they will last! The rest of Pro-Mix-Alot V2 is made from SCH 80 Banjo parts. They are bleach resistant. So they will last!
Unless your using a 1” or larger pump, you need to stick with 1/2” fittings and heres why. I originally went with 1” fitting for all components during Version 1. It worked somewhat, but was NOT reliable. Reason why? With (2) 1” hoses being sucked from, your essentially sucking from a 2” hose (if your doing roof mix) or 1.5” hose if your doing a 25/75 ratio.) The majority of us have small 1/2” pumps. They don’t have enough suction to suck from anything larger than a 1” of pipe. Aint happening. Thats why you see this setup is with 1/2” connections that way if your doing a roof mix, with your valves fully open your essentially sucking from a 1” tube. Need something less potent, like a 10/90? Well, your water valve is still open fully and you have your bleach valve cracked. You are sucking through no less than a 1/2” hose. So with a 1/2” pump, you wont starve it for liquid.
With all the parts purchased, I have about $120 invested in my Pro-Mix-Alot V2 and I can get any bleach ratio I want.
A BIG thank you for the members, whom I wont name that gave advise and what not on this build. They saw the success and chose to have me build them one as well. There are now a total of 4 (including me) Pro-Mix-Alot V2’s out there in the field making all of us money! If you want to save money on your SH, then this is the way to go.



Although this is a viable option. And well done sir. But if the proportioner is a bmw. This is a base model chevy. And thats not to say the proportioner is the best option. If your interested in having or building for yourself, the best metering ball valve setup. @jzbreeland is the guy to talk to. This is functional and works but the quality of the components and size of the valves your using are limiting IMO.

I think its cool. Never a bad thing to see this kind of stuff on here

You are ahead of the guys who waste money on an over priced shower valve. People way over think PW and spend thousands of dollars on things that they really don’t need just makes me laugh my @$$ off… Oh here comes the hate… Man I’m losing friends left and right.


I dont mix water on my mix.
I use SH and soap only, never seen the need of adding water since the PW adds it

The original proportioner is pretty and a BMW… But when both devices give you the same effect, how do you justify $1100 more? Sure, if you need a 2.75% mix, then a GF valve is the way to go. My house washes are broken down into (3) categories. 10/90, 25/75, 50/50 (bleach to water ratio). With these valves, I etched with a razor blade a notch onto the bleach valve. If I need a 10/90 ratio, I turn the bleach handle to line up with the the 10/90 notch. Same applies to 25/75 ratio, it has its own notch. Need something in between a 25/75 or 10/90, adjust the handle accordingly.
Need a 50/50 mix? Open both valves all the way.

The Banjo valves have FKM seals. A+ rating for bleach. My check valves have hastelloy springs. A+ rating for bleach.
The size of the valves are 1/2". Not sure how thats bad compared to the GF 1/2" valve. Ive seen JZs post he has deff put alot of time and effort into his manifold. I hope people realize that these 12V and 1/2" pumps are not going to suck efficiently from a 3/4" or 1" manifold setup. I tried it and it didn’t work. With a 1" setup your essentially sucking through a 3" pipe. These little 1/2" pumps wont do it. 3/4", ehhhh, a little better than 1", but your still sucking through a 2.25" pipe. 1/2" manifolds is the way to go for a 1/2" pump. Have a 1" air pump, go with a 1" manifold setup.

I saw a post where Rex claims metering devices put a lot of stress on pumps. He is wrong and I have spoken with Lori about this.
If the pump has a 1/2” inlet and your manifold consist of three 1/2” valves, your water valve is going to stay on all the time therefore your pump is getting the required half-inch flow to it. now that you have your bleach valve cracked however so open and also your soap valve you are feeding your pump a minimum I would say +.75 inches. if you’re doing a roof mix then essentially you are feeding your pump from a 1 inch line. There is no way this puts any kind of stress on the pump. I have spoken with the engineers at allflo and unless you restrict the flow to a smaller diameter than what the inlet is on the pump you will not have any problems.

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I replied to your PM.

It’s fine if you think this, but it’s just wrong. If people want to believe you, I honestly don’t care. But for truth’s sake, I’d like to point out that you probably don’t even truly believe this, because if you did, you’d pipe 1/2" tubing from your buffer tank to your pressure washer, or if you didn’t have a buffer tank, you’d be using 1/2" garden hose. And we all know that no one does that.

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Ok, good luck…
Also, please post videos so we can all see your setup working. I did. Its on several FB pages.

Ok, I have a question. I have been following the other thread, but lately it has gotten a little technical (and ended up costing $500-$700 or so) and I have gotten lost.I need to go back and reread it. I was hoping to find a lower cost option since a lot of things I have need to be improved and upgraded.
Here is my question, there are a couple parts. If the water stays open all the time, why have a valve at all? I could see if you are trying to be consistent (thru the same fittings) or trying to run a mix above 50/50 but I rarely ever do that.

Could I have a Y one side straight water, the other side a soap/SH mixer? I need a 3%, 4% and 5% mix generally. IF I have the math right in my head that is 25/75, 33/67, 40/60.

3% for stone work, 4% for an average roof and 5% for dirty roofs and misc. But the soap would be the same for all 3 since I DS for house washes. This is only for roofs and driveways etc. So the Xjet idea is interesting to me.

So if I bought a good quality metering type valve and only had to get one. And then just set up some 5 gal buckets that are indexed and learn my ratios so I can mark the valve I am wondering if that would work. Have a Y that feeds the soap (through a smaller hose with the proper x jet insert) and SH through a metering valve to a second Y that mixes the Sh/soap and water.

That way I could also set up a bypass to flush the SH and not have any of the mix levels effected

Am I missing something? What is your opinion?

Thanks for your help.


By the way I would love to see the videos, but I don’t have facebook. Are they on youtube? @FrankPeters

Not on you tube. Send me your email and I send them over…

How much would you charge anyone if they interested on one?

Got the videos, seems like your system works perfect for what you need. Nice job!

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I can finally reply. I was not able to reply because I met my quota for a new member yesterday…
We did speak on the phone last night, but I will post this for others to see.
To answer you question,

I charge actual price for the components. Right now for 1 setup, the price is about $160 shipped to me for all components. These come from 3 different vendors. So S/H is about $15 each. What I pay to get all this to my door is what you pay… I don’t inflate the prices.

For my time ordering the parts, assembly and shipping back to you (I pay for S/H) I charge $100 each.
The only thing you would need to supply are the hoses and slotted filters. You can get them from Lori Smith at PWP in Clearwater Florida like I did since you know what length you would need.
I don’t offer a warranty on this manifold. By me selling them like as is, it takes the time away from the purchaser doing it himself. I have lots of videos and pics on some of the FB pages showing how it works, that the ratios are repeatable and accurate. No gimmicks there.
If you look at my setup, you will see a aluminum mounting plate. My friend can cut these out of steel or aluminum and also cut your business name into it on his CNC plasma cutter. The plate with name cut out is $65. If you want it powder coated any color, its an additional $25. The plate size is 9"w X 12"t. He can go a little bigger if needed…
I ask that payment for the components be made upfront and before I ship out, the balance is do.
In a nut shell, you are looking approximately at $250 for one Pro-Mix-Alot V2 shipped to you. If you want a mounting plate, it’ll be about $340.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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I will be a happy owner…tyvm

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Hi, could you send me a video as well? I am very interested. Are you currently using it with a 1/2" all-flo? Thanks

Pm me your email.
Yes I’m using a 1/2” allflo

Parts are coming in… Thx for the orders so far!!

To save me the headache in repeating myself about this system. Go to facebook and search for the “Roof Cleaning and SoftWashing” page. Its like this in the below pic. If your not a member of the group, ask to join. Once in the group do a search for “Pro Mix” and the other below pic will come up. That is my post with lots of videos and pictures. Also, alot of questions and answers on there.

Are you aware that these types of systems arent meant to be used with pressure washers?