Door hangers yet again

Ive seen a lot of guys on here mention door hangers as a marketing strategy, we have never tried them so i figured lets give it a shot! Im on 3000doorhangers looking at there pricing list and i noticed a few different options (1 sided/2 sided and full color or 2 color) is it worth it to spend the extra money and do the full color 2 sided? My first impression would be that it wouldnt make much of a difference, if they grab the hanger off their door then they already know what its about. What do you guys think? Please feel free to share some hanger ideas also!

Spend good money on two side color. Buy the big ones. If you’re cheap and buy single sided, standard sized door hangers yours are going to get forgotten like everyone else who uses them and trashed without a second thought.

If you’re shotgunning door hangers and not using them for five-arounds… just throw the money you were going to spend on any door hangers at all in a dumpster and light it on fire.


The plan was 5 arounds as ive seen good results from you guys on the forums. Looking for some good examples on how to design the hangers to get our point across and show what we do within seconds of looking at it. I know we wont be able to list all of our services but id like to get the key ideas on there!

When in a larger neighborhood how do you know which houses you would want to hit. Do you do the dirtiest homes in sight or the closest to you?

5 to the left, 5 to the right, 5 right in front of you. If the homes are all built close enough I might do 7 around. But I rarely deviate from the system. I try to be finished with door hangers in 10 minutes or less.

The dirtiest houses are the dirtiest house because they don’t give a damn.


how has your response rate been with these? Ive seen a lot of mixed stuff but it seems like it works better for certain businesses rather than others. for the $200 its worth a shot!

So you’re saying you haven’t had any luck with eddm at all? Say I order 10,000 and I hit the same 2500 houses 4 times? Just throwing a number out but same area multiple times.

You have never spoken truer words.


Shotgunning with door hangers works great,
I use two different hangers, one for shotgunning the whole neighborhood, and one after ive done a house i leave on the house near the one i just did.

Most of my income has come front some sort of shot gunning method. Different thing work for different company in different areas.


where are you guys getting your hangers? 3000hangers seems like a decent site but theres tons of them out there! I am by no means a designer, so somebody who can put one together for me is a huge plus

Eddm you really need to know what your doing and have a plan. Also eddm cost a lot up front, before it really starts to work. There is a lot to consider before doing a eddm campaign or any kind of shotgun method of advertising.

With 10k flyers i would actually send all 10k out to different homes, and see how effective the flyer is at first. You want to continuously hit the same people but you have to give it time. I would not resend to the same people for at least 2 months. I usually wait 3. People keep flyers, i have people calling me all the time off of 6 month old flyer, so hitting the same people to quickly can also be a waste of money.

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I like vista print for door hangers, they seem to stay on the door the longest. The hangers with the slit going up seem to fall off the door easier. Vista also runs deals all the time.

For eddm cards i use

As for designing i use

I usually create/design the flyer myself and use Microsoft paint to get a ruff sketch of what i want. Then have the freelancer make everything pretty. Most designers are not marketers, so i find it best to do that part your self and just have someone else make it look better.

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This is what ive come up with so far… any suggestions?12%20PM

What is your goal for the door hanger? Simple answer is to get people to call you, but there are different ways of going about it.
Is this to be a general flyer that everybody in the neighborhood gets one. Or is this a after you cleaned a house you leave on the their neighbor house (3 a round/ 5 a round)?

That looks like a very generic flyer template you can just download. Personally i would start from scratch.
While i believe in branding your company on your marketing material, my company name/logo would not be at the top. You want a good headline.
Next that picture means nothing to me and creates no emotion. It just a house, cool, yea i live in one of those, so what. I like before and afters or an action shot. Make it dramatic.

The list of services works if your only printing one side (2 sided full color recommended). On my hangers i list them out and have a before and after for each and if i have space a description. Also for a residential flyer its probably not needed to list graffiti removal. How often are you really doing that on residential.

The call to action area is not good. “deals this good dont last forever” and yet where is the deal? just has a space for the phone number.

Thats just the basic stuff on that. There is sooooo much more that would have to be added or changed (at least to work for me in my area).


You mention “deals like this” but there are no deals on there?

Just an observation :slight_smile:

The “deals like this” section is going to be changed out for something else. it was on a basic template off vistaprint. As stated before i am in no way a designer so your constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to share some of your hangers if your up to it!

Response rate has been great. On 15-20 door hangers I rarely get anything less than 1 call.

If I’m in the same neighborhood the next week from the door hanger I have two addresses I can put on it as social proof and the response is even better.

For the effort and the expense vs ROI, I have a really tough time with shot gunning door hangers being truly effective for any one, but to each their own.

@Molski I’d rather advertise in the yellow pages than EDDM for any reason. At least the yellow pages are 11th on the list of where you should have an accurate business listing online according to Yext.

If someone came to me and said, we’ll pay for your first run of eddm all the way from design to postage to testing responses, etc. I’d pass since it’s definitely a better ROI for me to spend the same time and effort doing 5 arounds with the right door hanger.

I know it’s a weird hill to die on, but I’d argue against shotgun marketing in all ways, shapes, and forms.

That’s not shotgunning unless your copy is no good. That’s targeted. What are your ROI for shotgunning versus targeted?

I saw two different posts above talking about eddm and shotgunning, but they’re both essentially the same.