Door Hanger Critique

Looking for insight here.

Here are my 2 cents.

Break up the paragraph into statements on individual lines. Remove the if you have never statement.

Move the phone number below your logo.

Add the service names to the photos. You do more than just house washing.

Improve the call to action statement in the yellow star.

Good luck.

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Thanks John! Call to action star…how would you improve it? Overall look of the star? Verbiage?

I’m fiddling around on vista print here and can say it has some decent features. I wish it could do gradients and tilting other than 90degrees. Thanks for the insight as I’m looking for a streamlined flow and not a jumble which is what I’ve thrown together here.

Dollar amount instead of percent. Use Expiration dates. Save $15 dollars on a house wash if you book this week.

I use power point to design my print items. What I can’t do easily in there I use photoshop.

Kewl! I was contemplating percent vs dollar amount.

Unless a percent is greater than 50% most people wont see 10% different than 20% or 30% at first glance. Dollar amount makes a difference.

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It won’t let me copy the link to post it, but I posted my detailed opinion of door hanger use and design.

The post is called Door hangers. Again.

Otherwise I’d agree with @John_Martinez about it being cluttered and no call to action. No one is going to call you without a call to action and no one is going to read a paragraph.

Correction: subtle call to action. It’s there, but the star burst is cluttered

Here you go



Muchos Gracias! I have ordered limited door hangers so I am gonna huff it in ideal neighborhoods to select houses (ones in desperate need of a wash). I used to sell Kirby vacuums door to door so I sorta got my schpeel down.

Lol. I sold Electrolux in 1984. I just didn’t have the heart for it. My sales manager knocked on a lady’s door and when she opened it he threw dirt on her carpet. He wound up selling her a vacuum. I was out after that. I’m all for closing the sale but that was carrying it to the extreme

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In my time at Kirby I know I financed some vacuums to people with no business owning a $2000 vacuum. Yeah. $2000 for a damn vacuum. My worst times were getting the cold calls out to stoner students living on campus and the entire apartment smelled of chronic. I think I got high just closing the sale by pitching the idea of turning it into a “Mega Powered Shotgun Blast Bong” and they bought the damn thing.

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This is not a critique but a suggestion. If you go to and order full page 8.5x11 100lb gloss cover no bleed, and select option to cut in half. The price per piece will be .07c for great quality

It won’t have the door cut out but I’ve found that they can just as easily be stuck into the door jam

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You can also use a hole puncher and run a rubber band through the hole and hang on the door knob

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I personally hate door hangers. I don’t know why, but I categorically throw them in the garbage every time.


Yeah we’ll see how this turns out. Several months ago I printed a pretty pathetic flyer on standard printer paper with a handwritten note to a couple of my neighbors down the street. I offered them a free spot clean or “touch up”. One for two took me up on it and actually called. I’d be surprised if I get 20/100…or 10/100

My numbers have been more like 1-2/100. I would pay premium for a 20% response rate if I could. Different markets, different flyers, so many variables, good luck. Let us know how it works out for you

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1-2/100 isn’t bad. I think the average is like .5% at first with improvement after the third time being exposed to a company name

The 20% you are hearing is from 5 around…not just mass door hanger campaign

Oh…I just pulled that out of thin air tbh