Door Hanger Critique


Prioritizing information can help designing effective marketing materials. No one can see all the information at first glance. So by adjusting sizes and color contrast you can guide customers to read the information the way you want. E.g. bigger size and higher contrast font/picture will grab their attention first. Logo can be a priority if you are well recognized. Discount deal or good size before-and-after maybe if you are trying to get new customers. If they like the information, they can search for ways to contact you, so the phone number wouldn’t be a top priority to me.


Thank you all for the valuable input. I already received my hangers last night and hung 5 in my immediate neighborhood just this morning. Just my luck, and today of all days, the local FB neighborhood group as well as the neighborhood app posted about solicitators requiring a city permit for door to door sales, and DOOR HANGERS… Its my own fault for not researching, but I honestly did not know.

For those of you doing 5arounds or door hangers in general in HOA neighborhoods - do you go through the process of gettin a permit to hand out? Too much hassle? Is there a way, other than a monument sign with community name, to tell if a certain neighborhood is under a HOA? I mean it’s a misdemeanor and $500 fine. Enough ramble…


I’m not sure what the rules are there, but here you can go door to door as long as you don’t knock or ring the door bell to solicit without permits.

Also, not sure what your area HOAs do, but here the trash bins have huge yellow labels that say owned by Meadowlark Homeowners Association or Emerald Greens Homeowners Association or whatever.


Some places simply don’t allow it. I do it anyway and take my chances if I’m working on there neighbors home. Surrounding 15 as per 5 around suggest. As far as the first time around I’ll use eddm. .17c per door. I have mixed opinions as to which is a better impression. It certainly looks more professional to get it in the mail, but it’s a lot easier to go straight in the trash as opposed to leaving on door.


Pretty much all junk mail is immediately trashed at my house. I wish there was a spam filter for the mailbox! :slightly_smiling_face:


Lmfaooooooooooooo. I used to sell energy and knock on doors back then. We used to break balls with the kirby people. We were all out there pulling miracles. You have my respect bud. Haha


That’s a nice hanger.

Either crop the text boxes or change ‘outline’ to ‘no line’ where the thin border lines are. It’s an easy fix, and you’re selling a service that provides an appearance. You want your marketing collateral to be as clean as your customers’ homes will be when you’re done.

Also I can’t understand the blank back side. Is that intentional? Any printing company that tells you it costs more to print 2-sided is archaic. If the back is blank then you have an entire side of wasted space.