Commercial contract brochures/pamphlet

Looking to put together a nice solid brochure/pamphlet over the winter to present it to some companies and pick up some contracts. Anybody car to share theirs so i can get an idea where to start? Feel free to PM if you do not want to make them public. Appreciate it in advance!

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I know Roland Lichtenburg is always adding value to Housecall Pro and is developing contracts for his users. As things develop, I am quite interested in using them to offer window and housewashing/surface cleaning contracts. If you’ll PM me I will keep you in the loop regarding progress.

We use these to mail and give out when on site.


Is that the Seal of the Great State of South Carolina I see on your material? I believe it is! The quarter moon and palmetto. What part of SC?

Housecall Pro has just designed some commercial/residential contracts and I’ll go check them out.

It looks as if you and I offer the same services, and I’ll gladly share MY brochures and promo material with you. I’m psyched about that presentation folder, something that I’ve needed often and settled for a file folder.

Tim fields did these. I use Ryan Kettering too. Both make great material.

Hilton Head and the surrounding areas is our main market along with Savannah GA. Grew up on the coast of SC.

I grew up in the upstate near @Racer. I used some templates from the WCRA and I posted them last year: