THANKS PWRA and At Cost Printing, and JUSTIN'S THE MAN

Just finished picking out and sent to AT COST PRINTING (Great job Jillian!) my brochure targeting commercial work. JUSTIN edits over at WCR, and he did some first rate work, let me tell you! This is a tri-fold brochure that I will hand out when I’m visiting businesses and contractors.

I also ordered EDDM cards that I will send out to 2676 residences in my neighborhoods that are primarily designed to elicit pressure washing and gutter cleaning jobs:

Best of all, as a WCRA member it only cost me $100 for camera ready art, and 1000 brochures with the special fall discount (ask for the discount codes before you place that order), and with shipping is only $142.38. The EDDM pieces with discount only cost about ten cents each. SWEET DEAL At Cost Printing! Thanks, WCRA.


Nice George! Look at you putting your old life behind you and becoming an entrepreneur! You should be proud of yourself.

I’ll say it again… if you can’t market, sell, and perform the fanciest machines are a waste of money.

I’ll have to find the quote because I forget the incredibly famous person that said it, but it goes something like this:

“If I only had a business dollar left I’d spend it on marketing.”

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That’s like me! I’m pulling a cram packed 4x4 harbor freight trailer and my average sale is still 300 to 600.

I want to build white walls around it like a box and make it seem more professional. Been a bit unmotivated on that one.

Let us know how it goes!

Thanks, Rowdie. The way I figure it, if I get a 1% return on the EDDM, I’ll have about $30 invested in each new customer. Not bad if I get that return.

I most certainly will report my results here.

My next marketing strategy will be HomeAdvisor,

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Eddm, this is marketing to every door through the post office correct?

How much are you paying per house?

Just under 18 cents per residence and business to every stop per delivery route:
Redirect to Every Door Direct Mail

Also, I’d like to throw a pitch in for Chris Lambrinides’s book Window Cleaner Marketing Blueprint where he writes in depth about marketing strategies that are effective, and which ones aren’t. I think you can still get the book free (pay $10 shipping) over at

This is a great resource that I can’t speak highly enough of.