Burner orientation on Pressure Pro skid


Has anyone ever flipped the burner around? I’m really not seeing the purpose of the burner exhaust and engine exhaust facing opposite directions. Not to mention the pump intake is on the outside/opposite side of where the buffer tank will need to go inside an enclosed trailer.

Is there any harm in switching the direction of the burner? Looks like it just a few fuel lines and one thermostat.


if it aint broke don’t fix it…Maybe designed like that for heat reasons…


It makes no difference you can turn it around if you want to. Quite a bit of work if you really don’t need to though


It’s going into an enclosed trailer. The burner exhaust has to be facing to the rear door. The pump intake is also on the same side and facing the rear door. I will have to run about 8’ of supply line (1.5”) to the buffer. I guess this is ok, I just thought less length is better. I was hoping the pump and buffer would be facing each other but with the burner exhaust it’s not possible.


Why not just make a shroud to aim the exhaust in the direction you want?


I’m not familiar with that. Couldn’t find any info after searching on google either. Is it similar to directing the exhaust but for the burner. Do you have any pictures

I have the burner deflector plate, but it’s only going to do so much. Its like 5”



I was watching this post and it has ideas on how some of the guys were venting their enclosed trailer…maybe give you an idea


well that was you and the others …my slowness…lol






Thanks for the pics. Guess I have more homework to do. I’m thinking pressure pro has it designed this way for a reason


You can feed the pump from either side of the head. Easiest to buy opposite exhaust for the honda than turning burner around


I ended up feeding it from the opposite side. About 6’ of 1 1/2”. I think it should be good. Still new to rerout the exhaust as we discussed a few days ago.

I cranked it up and it’s definatly a beast. The bypass line jumps like crazy when not on the trigger. Then the machine jumps and rocks the whole trailer. It doesn’t seem normal. Maybe the k7 needs some adjusting. The rentals I’ve used didn’t do this. I’m going to make a video of it tomorrow and see what you guys think. It started raining heavily so I’m done for the day.

I should make a trailer build thread so everything is not all over the forum. I plan to take a bunch of pictures tomorrow and a long the way, it might help someone in the future as so many other threads have helped me.


Something is not right. I’d get rid of the K7 first.


You need to let it run for a few. Then pull the trigger a few times. If it still pulsates in bypass then you need a smaller diameter bypass hose or you have air in the inlet


My machine does that when you first prime the pump and there are air bubbles in the line


You should only have to prime the pump once. After that you should be good for a couple of years unless you run the tank dry


There was definitely air in the line. It was the first run. The bypass is 1/2”. I’ll try these two things