Enclosed trailer ventilation


I’m going to pick up a 7x14 enclosed trailer on Wednesday. I’m putting a 8gpm hot water skid towards the rear. The way the skid is built, I will have to add some length to the muffler. I plan on going to a muffler shop and letting the pros take care of that. Should I vent it straight out the back in the same direction the burner will be blowing? Or duct it to the floor? My first choice to to just have them make a 90 with about 1 1/2 ft length pointing towards the back. Currently the exhaust will be blown into the trailer.

Most importantly, my plan is to use this marine bilge air blower and some 4” ducting to bring in fresh air near the engines air filter.

My question is: does this sound like a solid plan, or am I overthinking it. I’ve seen several enclosed rig in various places of the internet with the hot water skid just towards the back. No fans, blowers, vents, etc. I also have read here on the forum that ventilation in an enclosed trailer is necessary for the longevity of the equipment.

The last question: can I run this off of the skids battery without problem?

Burner orientation on Pressure Pro skid

Muffler pipe out the side into an 1 1/2 pipe flange. Honda’s don’t do well with much back pressure so keep run short. RV doors on side of trailer. I used inverters and hi flow fans but your fan should work. Just upgrade to a full size battery and you will be fine.


Install this where the muffler/exhaust blows

Extend muffler to just before the side rv door that will be installed.

What do you mean by full size battery? Larger agm marine battery?


Basically anything bigger than the lawn mower battery that typically come with them


This is an old old video but basics are the same


Great video, I’m seeing it all come together now. What type of pipe do you use to duct the exhaust. A quick google search turned up this



That’s it. I just wrapped muffler tape around it


I’m honestly impressed at the amount of solid knowledge you have laid out over the past couple days. Lol. However, cant he even just mount his unit at the rear of the box? so when he opens the door or doors, exhaust is just shooting out into the abyss. Maybe that’s a bad idea tho idk I haven’t weighed it out yet in my head :joy: because I’ve been looking at used box trucks and stuff too…


Mount it at the back and where are you going to put reels? What do you do when the wind blows into the traile?. I’m just giving suggestions based on what he requested.


RV doors


That is an awsome setup. That is what I someday would like to have.


I want to do that run the exhaust out the bottom of trailer how does the flexible exhaust tube connect to muffler? Just muffler tape?


I ran a sheet metal screw in it then just tape


I was thinking about this the other day before I saw this post. Wheels were just turning about if I will go with a box truck.

The thought was to extend the muffler straight out with no curve and get one of those rubber exhaust hoses that auto shops use to vent exhaust out through a bay door when it’s very cold out. They put up with heat from a V8 so a smaller engine won’t be an issue. They hardly get hot enough to burn anything. I was thinking to just hang it on a hook near the door and drop it out the door when running. There are reducers and different diameters if back pressure were an issue.


I’ve seen guys extend it just down through the floor of trailer. That hot pipe running through trailer I could see accidentally touching it. It doesn’t seem to cause a back pressure problem for those who pipe it out the floor.

I’m trying to figure out a better way to vent the burner exhaust. Being enclosed the soot inside the trailer and the burner builds up fast


Just a word of advice from an RVer - change the locks on the RV door if you haven’t already. If still running the CH571 key I could order them on Amazon and unlock your RV door tomorrow. Hell I think I have about 10 of them sitting around the house. They are standard on every RV.


Mine were snapped off in the cylinder so I never had to work about them getting locked and losing the key. I cut the head off of my Ford keys and super glue them in the switch so I don’t have to dig around for the key on a ring when I get in one.


I run my burner exhaust straight out the back using 8" duct. I come straight off the burner to a multi angle 90. The 90 has 3 joints that swivel. I taped 2 joints in place that lets me swing my exit run out the back and back inside for storage.
I don’t have a pic but I took my engine exhaust through the floor with flexible exhaust pipe wrapped in exhaust tape.


Where are your reels?


My reels are setup to pull straight out the side door. So far I really like it… I’ll post a picture later tonight