Best truck if you could choose


I’ve been reading posts for a few weeks trying to get everything all figured out and set to start cleaning in spring. @squidskc I’ve noticed you’re a Toyota man, what year is your truck and how much do you think your trailer weighs fully loaded? Right now I have a 2010 silverado but I feel that it will be under powered towing my trailer. I have a 08 Tundra as my work truck for my full time job and it has great towing power. I was considering trading the silverado in on a Tundra or a 3/4 ton.


I’m in the Toyota cult for sure. Mines a 2006. Fully loaded the trailer hasn’t had more than 2500 maybe 3000 lbs on it, but I haven’t needed it to. Ultimately, I’d prefer a larger truck but Toyota doesn’t make it. I had grand intentions this year of getting a box truck and after analyzing the cost it just doesn’t make sense.

The Tundra has been more than capable, but I’ll likely go with a bigger Isuzu NPR when it makes sense and I have space to store it. Your Chevy I’m sure is more than enough to get you going. Save your money for marketing and an 8 gpm machine and you’ll be a mile ahead of where many of us started. Just my two cents.


Is your trailer a single or tandem axle?


Had I found this forum before I started buying equipment I would’ve went with a 8gpm machine. I am starting this business on the side to subcontract myself for my other job (We’ll see if it goes any further then that). I currently do wildlife management and have a need to clean some properties that we install structural deterrent and exclusion systems. 99% of our work is on commercial properties. With those connections I would like to get into some commercial cleaning as well as residential on the side. I already bought a Landa 5/5000. I was planning on plumbing in 2 275 gal totes for water for when I don’t have access to it on site. That’s where my concern for towing with the Silverado is.


It’s a tandem axel 14x8. it’s a fairly heavy duty trailer.


That is a lot of water to be lugging around when you dont have water on site. Keep in mind that a gallon of water is 8.3 pounds per gallon. If you were hauling 550 gallons your talking over 4500 pounds in just water, not to mention the rest of your equipment and the trailer weight itself. If it is a 7000 pound trailer, your at 6100 with trailer and water. Now factor in the weight of the tanks them selves along with chemical and equipment…


Exactly. That’s why I was concerned about towing it around. I don’t think I will need that much water very often. But I guess my thought was 1 275gal water tank with a 5gpm machine would only last about 55min of constant spraying so why not have more haha. Especially if I don’t have a water source to feed from.


You need at least a 3/4 ton Chevy if you’re going to be hauling all that.


That’s what im leaning towards. Am I going overboard?


I have the air bags as well as a full length leaf. My leafs were bowing the opposite direction just from the weight of my ladders and tools. I think a couple seasons of filling it with heavy gutter debris did it in though. Now they say i can have about 1800lbs in the bed if needed. Alot more than the 450 that it recommends from the dealer. Cost 300 for the springs to be re-arced and the leaf added. It already came with the air bags.


@Deanswc I was thinking about adding airbags, how do you feel they perform? Are they worth it?


well i can carry 2 55 gallon drums full with a roof pump and 4 ladders and they don’t seem to budge. I think its worth it to prevent wearing out the truck. I suggest the add a leaf as well.


Air bags will not increase your towing or payload capacity, they will help keep the rear from squatting down when loaded. The main issue is being able to stop and turn when you reach your upper weight. You should be able to find tag on the truck with the towing capacity. If it can handle it just be sure your brakes on the truck and trailer are good and you properly distribute the weight on the trailer. A weight distribution hitch would be a good idea as well.


I’m only interested in Class 5 and Class 6 trucks :yum: anybody run 16,001 to 26,000 weights?


I run a C3500 Dually Flat Bed ( when fully loaded is 13,000 lbs… and my Isuzu NPR at 18,000 lbs… Hoping to add an International by the end of this year. What do you run ? How do you like them?


Those Isuzu diesel’s are too foreign for me to work on. I’m a Ford guy so I currently run two F550’s a F350 and a F250. The 99’ F550 is the beast with a 19,500 GVWR 201" WB 14’ bed, V10 with a massive Dana S135 differential ( Ring Gear diameter is a whopping 14.250") L frame reinforcement the whole nine. Ford didn’t quite know how these trucks would be used so the first years of production and they were made to be very capable.I’m now looking into frame stretching any new ones that come my way. I too have seriously considered the International 4300 with a DT466 but I’m no diesel mechanic and the F550’s are plenty for me.


I keep thinking about going big like that. I’m within a week or two of setting up my trailer. My fear if I set up just a dedicated rig is if it breaks down then I’m sol. If I have a trailer at least I can get by either renting one or using my personal truck.


You’re right I have a heavy built 14’ utility trailer that has the exact same set up on it. It’s never really used since I’m the only one that call pull it. The GCWR is CDL territory


@Trav1111 That’s something to really think about when you first start out. That’s a big reason why I’m also starting with a trailer. There are times where a broken down vehicle can take awhile to get back on the road. I work on my own stuff but even parts can take awhile at times if it’s something major. You could easily be down for a week or longer which could mean thousands of dollars. I figure a truck setup can come later down the road if I’m successful. Worse case with a trailer is I sell off the water tank, keep the pressure washer for around the house, and then have a nice utility trailer to haul firewood or atv’s. If I’m successful I still use the trailer and hire another employee to drive the flatbed around and I still use the trailer on separate jobs.


@marinegrunt I agree. I like the idea of a “all in one” set up but a trailer just makes the most sense starting out. I think I saw from some of your other posts that you’re looking at a 12’ or 14’ trailer. I picked up a flat deck 14’ trailer. Probably a little heavier duty then I need, but I like to have more than I need. I bought my trailer and pressure washer before I found this site. I would have done things a little differently otherwise. Hell, I might get made fun of for my trailer by some of the pros but I think it will work for what I need. Like you said, if it doesn’t work out I can use it for something else. I was also going to go with a couple of IBC totes that I had, but just picked up a water tank the other day. Mainly because I think it looks better. Here are a couple of pics of the trailer and tanks. My pressure washer will get mounted in the next week or two.