Best truck if you could choose


Yap,if you go the truck route you have to almost have 2.


Looks good. I’m sure a flatbed will work fine. I do think I would order the metal straps for the horizontal tank just in case. If not, at the very least, get some heavy duty 2" ratchet straps to hold it down. You can always add a rail later on if you need to for mounting stuff. If you don’t have access to a welder you could probably just bolt one together out of some angle. I can get 275 gallon totes for like $60 so that’s kind of what I planned to do for now. I agree that the horizontal tanks look much better. Plus, from what I’ve read, it’s a lot easier hauling them around. Water just rolls up and around the side of the horizontal tanks compared to smacking back and forth against the flat sides of the totes. I can feel the trailer slamming back and forth just thinking about it unless that tote is completely full or completely empty. I heard there are a few ways around it like stuffing flexible corrugated drain tile or that orange plastic fence inside but would just be something else to mess with.


That looks like a pretty nice trailer, I like the fact that the tongue is wrapped. Was it homebuilt? I’d like to see a little small fence around the perimeter to hold on to small stuff. What size is the tank? It looks 550 so be careful as you will be nearing the capacity of those 3,500 lb axles . Get some appropriate ST tires for it if it does not already have them.


@marinegrunt I am definitely going the metal strap route. Everything is in a pile waiting to get bolted on, haha. The trailer does have stake pockets so I can build a rail at some point if I find it necessary. I can do a little light welding, we will see what it comes too. I picked up the totes from a farm down the road from me for $20 each. The horizontal tank was a spur of the moment purchase.

@dperez it is a 525 or 550gal tank. The trail is rated for 10k. The guy I got it from used it to haul around a tractor. As far as I know it is manufactured and not homemade. The tongue is painted/coated the same as the rest of the trailer. It is definitely heavy duty and should be able to handle whatever I through at it. I don’t think I will have to haul that much water 90% of the time, but like to have the option.


Found this truck for 2,000 bucks on good ol Craigslist. Had a bad knock. Pulled motor, rebuilt it, slapped her back in. Threw some decals on it. Rollin for a little over 3 grand!


You’re my kind of guy! You almost scored the illusive 91’-02’ C3500HD The days when a 1 ton truck was a real one ton. 10 bolt Dana 80, solid drop beam steer axle, 15k GVWR, 19.5" wheels. Search Google images for C3500HD and look for the filler panel under the grill.


Heck ya!! Trust me I tried to find one but they are hard to come by! At least in my area. They are a true work horse for sure!


You did good though, I love making something out of nothing. That service bed is perfect for what you do. The last truck I bought was a $900 Bull nose F250 with a 351W and a 4 spd T19 with granny low. I replaced the long bed for $125, took it down to bare metal and painted it, Threw an engine in it for $350 and bam I could softwash with it if I wanted to complicate my life lol


Do your due diligence on that because 5 lug hubs would typically be used on a 3,500 pound trailer axles, and 5200 or 6000 pound trailer axles would use a 6-on-5-1/2 or 8-on-6-1/2 inch bolt pattern


@dperez Yeah, I had a trailer builder look over it before I bought it. It has 3500lb axles with 5000lb springs. He assured me with the way the frame is built that it could handle 10k no problem if I need it to.


They sell even cheaper kits for most passenger cars/vans/suv’s. They typically have about 1k lbs of leveling capacity (doesn’t mean you should put 1k lbs in a yaris, though :wink:)

So @JBreezy, if you ever get in a bind and need to tow with the Prius again, you might wanna throw a pair of these in.

Where I put the schrader valve:


Toyota Tacoma all the way , 2001 173k miles , original owner


On my 96 and 04 tacos I ran Denver springs and bilstein 5100s all the way around. Smooth as silk.


200k miles all stock all original. 6.0 with 4.10 gears. Drags my 8000# trailer and gets 14mpg on the highway doing it. Tons of power and the drive train combo can’t be beat.


Not hard to do yourself. Pour a can of sea faom in your tank at about 1/4 tank to break up the carbon build up that cause them to stick and heat your engine up before you start removing the old ones. Go slow and keep your socket aligned with the plug.


5100’s are awesome !