Best truck if you could choose


Fortunately I’m not in a hurry. Neither am I.
I have a new trailer and liquid tanks so far. A 2.7 gpm 2700 psi machine as a backup. I am plumbing for an 8gpm. Good luck on your build.





How’s the 6.7’s quality compared to the 6.0 & 6.4? After all the negative stuff I heard from mechanics about the 6.4 being (essentially) a disposable engine, I haven’t even given the Ford diesels a second look, so I know very little about the 6.7. I figured that the era of a decent Ford diesel died with the departure of the 7.3’s…I hope that changes!


Just purchased a 2005 Isuzu NPR ( former True Green truck) had 600 gallon tank, 400/200 and stacked Hannay electric reels come with it. Will see how it does come this spring. Its been my dream truck, hope it works out.


That’s awesome, i love those trucks, please post pics!


How did you find the truck? Do they sell them through a website or something? I’ve thought those would be good trucks too, but I don’t know how to go about sourcing one.


It rated well in several mechanical forums. Its freaking fast and powerful.
I have cargo trailers as well as the new PW set-up.
I actually just purchased so time will tell with longevity. Just turned 500
mls… I am a Ford guy, So just proud of new ride. I traded my 2012 FX
F-150 which I loved.
I also agree the 7.3 was the king of the road. Take care


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I found it through a local Auction website… In Michigan, I have only ever seen one other one for sale on Craigslist in Chicago. Got it for $3200 and everything works. 200k miles. Turbo 4cyl Diesel. Got super lucky with this one.


Will do in the Spring when I have it wrapped and all the equipment in it. I am in Michigan, so its sitting for the winter.


I had a NPR box truck with a chevy 350 in it. It would turn on a dime and got 8 miles an hour sitting still or running 75mph. So glad it is gone. Probably better with different engine. I


Not poking fun or anything. Thought this could be a neat addition to the prius.


That doesn’t even make sense.


Yes, it is still interesting to look at though.


Does not look interesting at all… Looks like a sperm donation gone bad…,



I see what you did there.


Makes about as much sense as pulling a wash trailer with a Prius, to me anyway.



Bringing this thread back on track…

@jzbreeland I found a tundra engine on eBay with 67k miles on it for $1600. I found it just after 5:00 am this morning and I don’t know how much space you have or if you’ve even considered having one on the shelf, but I thought I’d mention it.

If your truck goes down in 2 years you’d have a new one for $1600 in your garage. :slight_smile:


190k and the alternator went bad yesterday. Got me home, but still impressed it’s hung on this long. I had a Ford Ranger for 3 years in high school and changed the alternator twice in that thing.