Best truck if you could choose

So my wife and I have shared a car since we got married. This summer we sold our 2008 F150 FX4 Supercrew and upgraded (downgraded?) to our 2013 Prius.

My wife hasn’t worked since we’ve been married because I’ve always had to travel a lot. But it looks like she might be starting a full time job in the next few weeks or month or so. When that happens, sharing a car will not longer be feasible.

So I’ve been looking around at used trucks, and I’m wondering if everyone would mind sharing their opinions on truck options?

I had a Ford. I paid $16,500 for it, used, with 101,000 miles on it. When I sold it, it had about 175,000 miles on it, and I added up my receipts, and I discovered I had spend nearly $11,000 in REPAIRS on the vehicle in about 4 years. I’m not sure if it was a lemon, or if it was because it was a Michigan truck, or if it was because it was a Ford, or what. But I don’t want to end up with that again.

I’ve seen several service body trucks for sale, older models, for around $3500-5000, but I’m building a trailer, and I’d like to be able to use the truck I get for non pressure washing things too, so I’d probably rather have a standard truck.

So what are your thoughts on early 2000 model Tundras, F150’s, Silverados, Tacomas, etc? Reliability, how do they tow, fuel economy, always in the repair shop?

I appreciate any stories or experience shared. It’ll help mold my decision making for buying a truck that I can hopefully grow my business with, as well as rely on for personal use.


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For instance, this service body truck is only $4900, but do I really need that, or could I even really use it? I have no clue. *Salvage title, but I’ve seen other similar trucks at similar pricing around the area on craigslist.


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This? lol.

In all honesty, I see these EVERYWHERE around LA. I think people load them up with junk and carry it to Mexico and sell the junk there for a profit lol.

If that truck was near me I’d call them at 10:00 at night and tell them I had cash in hand. I can’t find service body trucks here in that kinda shape.

I don’t know anything about anything that isn’t a Toyota or a Jeep… but what I do know about Toyota’s is that I’ve had 4 of them, 3 of them made it to 200k miles (the current Tundra is at 190k). Sold them. Fuel mileage on the 4.7L V8’s is about 15 mpg.

Resale value on Toyota’s are above median for similar models in just about every category.

I’ll find you articles about how the Toyota Tundra is the most American manufactured truck AND how the 4.7L V8’s are quite possibly the lowest maintenance/repair vehicles out there.

Many are still on the road into the 300k miles and there’s even a million mile Tundra.

My vote is and always will be Tundra. I just wish Toyota made a bigger truck.


Well i guess i should add, i am a chevy fan as well… but currently drive two tacoma. If your pulling the trailer your building, a 6 cyl prerunner would certainly get you by… a 4 cyl would too IMO, jus dont expect to smoke the tires and pass ppl in interstate at 90 mph.

I pull my 5x8 enclosed trailer with no problem. Its not loaded my any means, buts there is “junk in the trunk” and it doesnt skip a beat. I wouldnt want to haul my 6x12 enclosed or 5x10 open loaded to the gills, but within reason no problem. But the Manual Tranny does help when stuff gets a little heavy.

Obviously tundras will increase payload and towing.

Best deal on Toyota’s are 2004-2007. 2008 had some issues. 2009 and up were solid too but I think the MPG was 11 or something awful.

Lol… lift gate and flat bed/railing are heavier than truck its self.

But i would rock a small truck dually, especially if diesel.

Diesels run longer if we’re talking about American trucks, but repairs are EXPENSIVE.

I’d avoid a diesel. If you can find a diesel mechanic that doesn’t charge a super premium for repairs let me know. There’s none here.

I agree… early 2000s were last of 1st gen tacomas, 2005-2015 are 2nd gen. Late first gens awesome trucks, my 2001 was best truck ive ever had.

the absurd prices ppl want for used Tacomas with 185k miles/salavge titles/added a light bar and its a limited edition is a joke i think… be patient and something will show up, they dont last long so gotta be ready to jump. And be careful of rusted frames… they did/have recall on trucks up to 2011(???).

Had a 2012 Tacoma. My girlfriend’s Mazda 6 felt roomier in the drivers seat. Sold it with 40k miles on it and got what I paid for it. Bonkers.

I don’t think I could fit in the older style Tacoma’s. The look REALLY small inside.

Rusted frames yes. In California, he’ll have a hard time finding one of those.

My 2012 is reg cab… im not a small dude but its a great truck and does what i need it too… but year wish it had a little more room.

The guy who bought my F150 found one… lol.

In fact, I had to have my F150 worked on when we first moved here and the mechanic didn’t know how to get the steering pump off because he’d never worked with rusted bolts and mounts before.

Personally I wouldn’t get anything smaller than a V8. It’s better to have it so you don’t have to buy another truck later if you scale IMO


The difference beteen my daily driver (Access Cab) and my work/hunting truck (Reg Cab) is night and day.

I’m 5’10, 180 lbs and feel cramped in Tacomas

That’s helpful info. At 280 and 6’3", I doubt it’d work for me.

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Im 6’, 230… but pure muscle.

But yeah Tacoma might be a tad small for larger frame

It can get tight, but i dont mind… i sold my 05 silverado for Tacoma becuase easier for hunting. For pulling trailer silverado was obviously great, no matter what i towed with the 5.3.

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