Best truck if you could choose


We have only used the 8 for commercial jobs/contracts and so far so good no problems keeping up… If at a residential, booster would be the main piece of equipment other than for concrete and most residential have minimal concrete so can blow thru quickly.


Best Truck I found for PWing is this 2005 Utility Truck i bought for $2,300 its a gas had 190,000 miles on it… now few years later it has 220,000 miles and runs great… loads of storage… All I never would need


Bingo on that. I love the service beds


Drove 3.5 hours tonight and bought a 2002 Tundra 4x4, 4.7 V8, 240,000 miles, single owner. I paid $4500 and drove it 3.5 hours back home and it ran awesome! No rust, no holes, no leaks, and it has dealer records from both required timing belt changes done at the dealership, along with other maintenance done during its life. I’m pretty sure it has the original shocks and that they are shot, but I don’t think that’s a big deal. I’m really excited about it. I’ll get up some photos tomorrow hopefully.



Good lookin truck. Enjoy it.


Air bags. About $300. I put them on all my trucks. Even my little tacoma


Yeah? For the rear end, or for all 4 corners? Does this replace the shocks, or is it just for bed leveling?


Tacoma leaf pack sucks… have been thinking about add a leaf for this year. Paritally cause i have no experience with air bags.


Just for the rear. Levels the bed and adjusts for loads. Does not replace the shocks. Toyota has a lot of recalls on leaf springs. My 2005 tacoma had them replaced free last year. Put drivers side bag on first. They suck because of brake and fuel lines. After that passenger side takes 15 minutes


How long do they last?


That’s on my list too instead of replacing shocks with bilsteins and skyjacker add-a-leafs. Save some money and follow the lead of a ton of tundra and sequoia owners I’ve seen on most Toyota forums.


240k miles with service records makes me almost happier than another Tundra guy on the forum. Congrats!


But you can get by with middle of the road shocks. No need to buy the $200+ good ones.



I tow my trailer with my 02 4Runner. They are notorious for rear end sag, but with the airbags it’s a thing of the past. Best money you could spend.

Also, @jzbreeland if it’s an automatic you may want to bypass the in-radiator transmission cooler and use an aftermarket one. If you haven’t already, do a google search for Toyota pink milkshake. Toyota used dissimilar metals in the radiator connections, and they corrode and break with little or no warning, mixing antifreeze and transmission fluid and they can wipe out your transmissionin a few minutes.

Other than that, you have a 400,000 mile vehicle easy. After 400,000, you can throw another engine and transmission and go another 400k if you want. GREAT vehicles!!


If you keep air in them, a long time. I have one set that is about 10 years old that has been on a several trucks. I let the air leak down on my taco and have to replace a bag now. When they are deflated they rub wear holes .I don’t spend money on an on board compressor. I jyst check them every week or so.


Definitely. I use Rancho shocks. Middle of the road stuff. No matter what you do, don’t expect a smooth ride from a tacoma at least.


Take a look at Timbren :


your progress is looking promising.
I am rebuilding on a new trailer myself.
Are you going full-time washing? or is this a weekend warrior?


Weekends I hope. At least for now. I’m moving pretty slow though. Fortunately I’m not in a hurry.