Best truck if you could choose


Anyone have experience with the Chevy 5.3 Vortec? I test drive this one tonight. Truck is beautiful, 4x4, and has a bad ticking noise. Google seems to suggest ticking is normal, but does anyone here have one? It’s a 2006 with 197,000 miles. Too high?


I have had several. Have an 05 with 180k miles that I pull my trailer with. It’s a great engine, millions of them out there. Pretty easy to work on or to find someone to. Parts reasonable. Mine runs great. If you get it, try putting an a/c delco oil filter on it. That should help with the lifter noise.


Had an 05 bought new for 12 years. Was a very good truck. Pulled a lot trailers (many times more weight that what could be deemed as safe). It drove well.

Kind of wish i didnt get rid of it sometimes, but im happy with the Tacoma since i dont haul much stuff anymore.


You wouldn’t shy away from 200,000 miles on it? The truck is I’m super great shape apart from the lifter.


I currently use my 2017 dodge ram gas job. But my next purchase will be a diesel box truck of the 5-8k realm. That way I don’t have to use my garage for storage all winter!


Sticking lifters can be fixed EASY. My old man use to put one quart of ATF in an old F-150 he drove for 25 years in place of a quart of oil every couple years.

He’d drive it for 800-1000 miles and change the oil again. The oil was black and smelled awful. It cleaned everything out and I’d bet a lot of money under his valve covers looked like new.


Lifters don’t knock. They tap. If it is a heavier knocking sound then it is a rod or a bearing. Personally I would never buy a truck with 200000 miles. Your just buying a some ones headache. The money you"save"will quickly be spent on monthly repairs… Just my 2 cents


We have an 2006 Chevrolet 2006 4X4 HD 6.0 and the truck is a Beast!


Brett, could you post or pm me some more pics of your rig from different angles. That’s almost exactly what I’m looking to build next. Except I’m thinking of putting my PW in front of a 5" cabinet on the left side. How much water are you carrying? I’m looking for a 08-10 2500 6.0 or F250 both with long beds. Would prefer sticking with a chevy if possible, but harder to find. How much weight are you carrying with that setup? Can find long bed F150’s pretty easy but I would only have about 2k lb payload capability with it. Thanks, Rick

PS: Nice wrap, see you have a tree frog too.


I just traded in my Tacoma for this new f150. I hope it will be as good as a work hoarse. End of the year deal $22,500





For tanks We have 1: 55 for SH, 2: 7g For soaps 1: 100g H2O. Love your logo!!!


Thanks for the great pics. Thank you for taking time to post. Is that a 6’ bed? And 18 or 24" reels? Where does your pw exhaust to?

I assume a PWS skid. Great layout.

You have 2 aluminum containers - are both for gas?

How much are you using your booster since it looks like you have a 8gpm pw on there?


That’s a great deal


6 Ft bed, 18’ reels, both aluminum tanks are gas one for PW and other for generator. The exhaust for the PW was designed for side discharge… PWS did in fact build entire skid. We picked it up right before an Apartment complex cleaning we needed the extra truck, so have not used the booster to much other than for about 2 dozen house washes. We also have an air set up on our box truck but with all the positive comments throughout our industry about the Booster I wanted to give it a run. Only time will tell. I absolutely love the 8gpm. our others are 5.5 and that alone saves so much time as I am sure you know…


Any problems with the 100gal water keeping up or are you having to wait sometimes with your 8? If I’m doing a large drive or commercial, sometimes I’m waiting on water even starting off with 200 in the tank. Have a 330 tote, but usually don’t carry more than 150, much over that and I can feel it with the 5.3. So even hooking up water first thing and time I get setup usually have about 200 in tank.


Brett, You would save some space using only one fuel tank I would think. Then again I don’t know how long you are running the machine and generator.


I agree, I may take one off and put onto other truck, it is nice not having to worry about gas for awhile though! I am in the process of adding an RODI w/elect. pump so not sure having that hooked up to gen. will effect gas? Probley overkill though. Thanks for the suggestion!