Best truck if you could choose


I love my chevys. Have had Both Ford and Chevy. No problem with either, but I do think the chevy rides and pulls better. But looking at an 08 F150 long bed now for my truck build

Prices may seem low for the mileage in CA, but remember 150k mi truck out there might be like a 250k mi anywhere else because they can spend hours per day basically crawling in traffic in many parts of the state.


In Michigan, a 50,000 mile truck is like a 250,000 mile truck somewhere else. Then minus more body panels that rusted out on top of it lol.


Just traded my 2011 Silver-ray-do LTZ crew cab in for a 2014 F-150 super crew. I can NOT get over how much better the ride is, how much quieter the cab is, and how much more room the back seat has. (I also got an extra foot on the bed (6 1/2)
I have owned all 3, and they ALL have problems. Some motors are better than others, some tranny’s are better, Some bodies hold together better,Some year models just totally tank.
I am a wannabe gear head:
I wouldn’t own a Ford 5.4 3 valve Triton (the one’s with the aluminum valve covers)
I wouldn’t own a 2001-03 Dodge Ram period.
I wouldn’t own a Chevy, period. Any of them (Sorry Racer)
I wouldn’t ever buy a new vehicle ever (Thanks to Dave Ramsey’s advice)
I wouldn’t ever buy the first model year of anything, …ever (again, life lesson)
I wouldn’t own a Diesel anything, ever…unless I made a living from hauling things ( and then I would still second guess it)
But,if you have patience and if you can turn a wrench,and have deep pockets I guess it doesn’t matter all that much.

(Sorry Brodie,Toyota doesn’t make MY list for the big 3)


I had the 5.4 Triton. $1000 to get the plugs changed because they could potentially break it off in the head and then they’d have to take it apart to remachine it or replace it. Never again lol.


Certain years those Triton engines had issues with ejecting plugs I think.


98 to 02


You’re missing out.

I’m head over heels for mine. Never owned anything else though.



This is my favorite Toyota I’ve ever owned. I miss having a manual.


I bought this to setup as a basic house wash truck,I have had 8-9 ford trucks,they have all been great trucks.


Best truck?

I’m ordering one of these.

M3 based pickup truck fitted with a 4.0-Litre V8 achieved 420 hp and 186 mph during a test run.


Vehicle i put most miles on was 94 mitz montero. I paid 7 bucks for it when it had 250k miles. I gave it to a nephew when it turned 400k. Vacuum cylinder for 4wd went out ans a put a 3 way valve on to bypass the vacuum for when i needed it.


Almost 200k on the old F-150…


@squidskc and anyone else with Toyota experience, do you guys know about timing belt changes? In my price range, I’m seeing vehicles between 150,000 and 200,000 miles. The Tundras would be my top pick, but I read that they need timing belt and water pump changes every 100,000 miles. Most of the Tundras I’m seeing are pretty close to 200,000, some are higher. If I got one with this mileage, do I need to get the timing belt and water pump replaced if it wasn’t done recently?


Yep. I just had mine changed out around 175k to beat the curve. This and oil changes and you’re golden.


You can do it yourself over a weekend for $300 or you can pay someone else. It was $1200 to have someone else do it, but that’s better than having to pony up $12k for another truck.


Yeah, that’s the quote I got. $1200 for the timing belt, water pump, and all associate pulleys and stuff. But I don’t want to pay $5500 for a truck that needs new tires and $1200 in work on day 1. :frowning:


Fair enough. I get it. But you could pay similar money for another truck that has a similar need and be in the same boat. The difference with the Toyota is that $6700 and $900 for bf Goodrich all-terrains at costco (I just priced them. :slight_smile: ) will outlast any other truck you buy and won’t need repaired as often.

That’s just the way it is when we’re talking trucks with 150k+ miles on them.


This is the best video I’ve seen on it. has the best price on parts.

And no matter what you get, pick up one of these on Amazon.


Im with squidskc about fixing a great truck

I bought a 97 f150 4.6 with 290k miles 1 owner
put new tires on it for 700 and just now at 1 1/2 year later the fuel pump went out for $600
This is way cheaper than buying a new truck, i can replace the engine, and every suspension part on the truck and come out less than what a new truck will cost. I spent more on the wrap than i bought the truck for.

The only thing i dont like is the mpg. With no trailer i average 12 with the trailer around 10. I know i dont have the lightest foot but man that just sucks.


I love Rock Auto