Best truck if you could choose


That’s what I’m saying!


Now it is loaded and 4 door… but thats a good example for stuff in my area.

Over 200k and 12 years old.


Well guys I went to look at and drive the CNG truck. The toolbox in the bed is actually just a cover for the huge natural gas tank. It did all work. But the truck was in HORRIBLE condition. The front bumper was SMASHED, the right rear quarter panel was smashed and had pieces of it broken off, a rim was smashed in so much you could probably slip a screwdriver in and pop the bead, it had various lights not working, the interior was lined in a new organic fabric I’ll describe as “more dog hair than your dog probably has,” it was registered to another person who lives in Arizona and had AZ plates, it had different tires on all 4 wheels, and the best part of all…It had literal BULLET HOLES on the passenger side. I kid you not. I took a photo even.

I’m going to go look at some of the other trucks today and tomorrow. Hopefully there are better trucks out there. But still overall, there were many nice looking Tundras for around $5,000. Maybe it’s because the market here is just so saturated. I looked up KBB for these Tundras with the same mileage and stuff, and $5000-7000 seems to be about right. Maybe it various from zip code to zip code.

One of several passenger side bullet holes I found…


Found this one too. Hopefully going to look at it later today. Fortunately my wife is Mexican so she translated everything on the phone for me. No issues, no leaks, no check engine lights, no body damage, just needing to get rid of it because they are getting a different car.

Hopefully this one checks out. It looks really nice, IMO.


200k miles. You’re probably better off buying the 2003 and spending $1800 on a vehicle wrap. This blue is my favorite Toyota color besides gray though. Lol


Possibly. But then I can’t go to the mountains. :frowning:


What do u do now to get there?

4x4 is nice, i wouldnt be without one… but im lucky to actually need it maybe 3-4 times a year, and thats while hunting… if it snows it does make it safer, but not really needed 80% of the time.

Even while hunting i could make due without 4x4. Make a call based on the prices/condition/etc… i wudnt want a used 200k truck to depend on if i didnt know where/who it came from.

You will likely get more for your money in a 2x4 conifguartion.


I saw Cooter turn the General Lee into a 4wd in only one episode.


A fancy truck and wrap doesn’t sell jobs. Scratch the wrap. Good marketing does.


I have had plenty of people call from the signage on the trucks/van and trailers… With that said he can start with basic vehicle signs and work his way up to a wrap. I have never done a wrap because I am too cheap.


Big bear mountain. Mamouth mountain. I’m talking about driving in snow. I love snow. I’ve always had 4x4 and where I lived in the UP of Michigan we got 200+ inches a year. I like driving in the snow. Buying a Prius took that joy from me. A truck with 4x4 would unlock that passion again. I’d only need it once or twice a year. But it’d be so good for my soul lol.

It’s not a requirement tho. 2x4 would be great also.


I totally understand.


Jzbreeland to his Prius driving enviro conscious wife:



This is for sale near me. I want to buy it just to use it as a daily driver and make my wife crazy. :rofl:


I have a 2016 F250 6.7 diesel,it’s been a great truck,had a 2012 F250 before that.Never had any problems out of it either.Just bought a 2017 F150 long bed to setup a House wash rig in the bed.I have owned about 15 different Ford truck and they have all been great.Some guys say I’m crazy for buy new trucks to work out of but when your busy you don’t have time for truck repairs,just my opinion.



I’ve see no it before. It’s crazy lol.


I’ve owned a Ford F150 and currently own a Silverado 1500. I would choose the Silverado everytime. It towing is much smoother with heavy loads. My brother in law has a Tundra, great truck but it drinks gas like its free. My 2 cents


Yeah… If I had a single complaint about the Tundra it’d be gas mileage.


I used to own nothing but Toyotas. The latest model was an 85 pickup. 20 mpg average, almost indestructible. Worst thing about it was it was small, & got hard to get in & out of it… kinda miss the dang thing. The '08 Dodge I’m currently driving is very comfortable, & is getting almost 15 mpg right now. A little more info on current ride is '08 Dodge 4500, with an automatic transmission, dual rear wheels, & weighs in @ about 10k # empty…