Best truck if you could choose


You mean HMMWV? I think I could work with one of those. :slight_smile:


Nah…YMMV…your mileage may vary. lol


Off topic for this thread, but would you post up pictures of your trailer setup sometime? I couldn’t find any from yours, but your profile photo makes me curious.


My shop flooded lasy year and i had to buy a bunch of trucks and install equipment in about five 24 hour days. One was a 2007 f350 crew can with 265k miles. Bought it with no hesitation.


And how has it been for you?


I’d buy it again


Bought a 2000 f250 Diesel with 90,000 on 5 years ago and rolled 200,000 this year. I think body of truck will fail before the motor. Only thing I have done is oil changes, alternator, brakes, tires and add secondary fuel filter.

I would buy again and probably will when I need to add another truck on the road.


And now is a great time for attractive year end lease deals!!!


That 2005 at $5400 is a steal in my opinion. Same with the 2003 actually.

You can’t really go wrong with either. If I had to choose between those two I’d save $2k and get the 2003 if it was well maintained with service records.

If the 2005 is the only one with service records it’s worth the extra $2k.

If they both have service records they’re both going to get 200k-225k miles out of them very likely.

I can’t find Toyota’s that inexpensive near me, but 2005-2007 is my sweet spot. They’re usually $8k or better here.


Pretty much f150 and 250s have been the trucks I have always relied on. The 350 is to much truck for my needs. I can’t believe what new trucks costs nowadays… The only thing I really don’t like about the new trucks other than cost is how big and high they make them now… Seems like I need a step ladder just to get into them. My vans have always been 250…


Thanks everyone for sharing your opinions and experience! @squidskc, thanks for letting me know you think both of those Tundras would be a steal. I’ve contacted both of them to see if I can go take a look.

For everyone suggesting Ford, I’m hesitant to look at anything with the 5.4 in it because of my last truck, but I think this one has the 6.0 and seems like a reasonable price. Not sure about a lift gate, but the truck looks to be in good shape. Maybe 190,000 miles isn’t bad for the 6.0 V8 gas? Any experience with this year model engine?


You can sell the lift gate and make a couple hundred bucks…


That truck isn’t a 6.0. Ad says it’s a gas v8. I wouldn’t buy it due to the rims and oversized tires.


Yeah, when I looked up the KBB the only option was the 5.4L, and that’s the one I had so much trouble with. Well, not the engine itself so much, but just the truck as a whole.


be careful on craigslist. Typically, if there’s something amiss like an engine description messed up on both sides of a decimal it’s often a scam.

There was recently a Tundra that was listed at $2000. I thought I found a steal and beat everyone to it. Emailed the poster and they emailed back a sob story about having to wire the money and their English was awful. It was probably @Innocentbystander’s nephew the Nigerian Prince.

Long story short, keep your guard up. Take someone with you who knows quite a bit about cars and owns an OBD scanner.


I’m going to look at this. With 4x4 as an option, I can still get to the mountain this winter for snowboarding. It has a clean natural gas conversion on it. The guy says it runs on natural gas or gasoline and switches with a button on the dash. Natural gas is half the price of gasoline here and there is a station near my house. So it could be helpful. Do you guys have natural gas engine experience?

The guy says it’s basically an additional tank and new injectors tapped into the head.


Good looking truck… no clue bout the CNG stuff. I know garbage trucks here run in CNG, but im not aware of any personal vehicles with that, doesnt seem like an avenue that i would go down… must be a CA thing to try and save the world.

4x4 always a plus though.


When I was in the Navy most of the 1/2 ton and smaller trucks running around base were run on CNG. I only know that because of the CNG sticker on all of them and a CNG filling station on NAB Norfolk. It’s a perfectly viable option.


I don’t know the best truck to buy but I do know that I’m going to where ever you live (Cali?) next time I need one. those prices are 40% less than they would be in my area.


J your in California right? My point being do they require an emissions test to be plated. They might be cheap becuse they can’t pass that test. Just A thought. I hate being a negative Nancy but mahoning county (That’s where I live) is one of the few left around here that does not require an emissions test so we tend to get cheap vehicles from places that do.