Best truck if you could choose


At 6’3” I’d forget Tacomas even exist… although Will (IBS) is a giant too and drives one. Mind boggling.


If the newer tundras were such physcially large vehicles, i would have had one years ago… the older models, like in your video Mr. Squid, are the perfect size truck i think.


Agreed. But if I was a millionaire I’d have this truck.


Slick looking truck for sure… im a simple man… hand crank windows and manual locks… but i would like a sunroof in a Tacoma, with a 5.7 V8, and a 6.5 steel ft bed that you can actually haul stuff with.


I love Toyotas but would never have one for a work truck. Avoid a diesel and pretty much anything you service properly will last. I’m partial to rhe 5.4 and my last 7 or 8 trucks have been Fords. Service body is king in my opinion. Be afraid to buy a used car now. A local pressure washing company spent the last month in Texas washing 4k vehicles that were flooded for an insurance company. The vehicles are retitled in AZ then CA and resold with clean titles.


I’m a Ford guy through and through. I’ve owned 2 superdutys and that’s it for the last 12 yrs. my 5.4triton sold with 190k it was an awesome and very reliable truck.
My current is a 6.0 powerstroke 200k and I love it. Maintenance is more expensive but it a powerhouse. I must say I was a mechanic for a number of years so I do my own repairs when needed. Those 2 trucks have given me well over a quarter million miles together and I’d do it all over again…

I also can say Toyota makes a extremely reliable and well built truck.


That’s terrifying.


Aside from dragging your pressure washing trailer around, what else are you thinking of using this truck for? Dump runs, plywood, dirt?
What will the trailer weigh? How long/ wide/ high will it be?
What kind of terrain? Not just dirt, pavement, hills flat?
How bad does the weather get? Windy, rain, snow?
Personally, I disagree with IBS on the diesel. Get a Cummins, take care of it & it will outlast a gasser, have more power, & get better mileage.


Have you given any thought to one of the ford transit connect type cargo vans? With you in LA it would still be a small footprint and still capable of around 2k towin and storage.

Not towing 400 gal of water, but cud work for your use??


B model cummins are great if you keep the valves adjusted. I worked in a diesel shop for years. Gasser will get you 300k miles and ypu can replace for under 5k. 7 qts of oul and filter versus 14 qts and oil filter and fuel filter. It’s all personal preference. I’ve been around diesels most of my life until the last 10 years or so when I left the fire dept. It’s nice to drive something that isn’t loud.


Depends on how often you change filters. 10k miles for filter personally. Current truck 08 ram dually w/ Cummins has 306k miles & still going strong. Newer Cummins are quiet now.
Never going to try to knock your experience IBS, I’m just trying to relate my own experience. Maybe give someone an alternative view.
(Besides, playing ‘devil’s advocate’ is kinda fun time to time…)


I’m not arguing. Diesels are great for what they are. I just don’t need them for whayt I do, ooror like hearing them anymore. I’m stuck at an indoor bounce house for the next 8 hours while the scouts have a lock in and play all night. I’m amenable to argue for awhile about something else if you like lol. Going to be a long night


Hahahaha… I’m sorry you’re stuck in the bounce house… sounds like those scouts learned the lessons you taught them too well!


What do you think of thsee Tundras The prius is the only Toyota I’ve ever owned. I don’t have any experience with these at all.




Let’s see…What has been the best selling truck every year for the last 40 consecutive years?..I believe that would be Ford F150.

Oh yeah, for the 2017 model year…it was the best selling vehicle in the world.

If one uses just a little logic, it would be reasonable to assume that there is a reason for that.


Yep. Good advertising. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a ford guy. Mcdonalds had sold more burgers than probably anyone but we all know they aren’t the best. I’ve never owned a new ford but have owned probably 20 of them. Ford has never directly earned a dollar from me. I wouldn’t buy one of their new aluminum bodies. I’ve had a ton of fox bodies and twp cobras but my favorite ford was a 89 f150 king cab lariat edition. 302. 5 speed. Captains seats. Walmut trim. Loved that truck


I have owned a bunch of trucks of all brands…advertising has never sold me a truck of any kind. I have used trucks hard in my life…I presently own a Ford and a Chev…my Ford trucks have always given the best service, hands down.

I don’t normally try to tell people what to buy cause frankly, I don’t care what anyone else buys. But, I do suggest that they research major purchases…kind of like researching this business before getting into it.

I will say, if Ford trucks were not very dependable, they would not have held the sales leader role for so many years…despite ANY advertising campaign.

As for the Mcdonald’s analogy…Mcdonald’s burgers are not my favorite either…but I would dare say that if most people were not satisfied with them, they would not have been the sales leader for decades, either…advertising or not.


What do you think of the early 2000 model F250’s? Those are reasonably priced, but I see a lot of them over 200,000 miles.


Avoid the 2 valve 5.4 frpm 98 to 02 and you will be fine with


Personally, I would not buy ANY VEHICLE, with over 200k for use in my business. YMMV