Best injector on the planet and other fittings


Stainless ball though :-1:t2:

Ceramic is much better :+1:t2:


Actually ignore my question, I do not think the psi is rated high enough for pressure washers. I just thought I found something new and could be cool like squid… :joy:


Don’t know anything about that one, but don’t be so hard on yourself. Lol


Which part went out? Mine went out and I never opened it to see if a rebuild would suffice. Had a regular on hand and been using it.


Another one today. The ball gets stuck in the oring. You can free it once or twice but that’s about it


Maybe a titanium ball would be best.


Ball is fine. O rings are just too big


Do the orings start out as too big? Or is it wear. Viton cords can be purchased and made plus they glue together with a krazy glue type product.


After about a week of the ball slamming into them they either soften or wallow out, causing the ball to stick halfway inside them and not release


OK so this happened. I called dultmeier and they’re sending a replacement immediately and another spare for me. I told him about the ball sticking, because it happened once with this and he said he was aware and guys were just shooting a quick blast of air in the barb to free it and it only takes once and no problems after that.


Scavenged the top from the old one. Found an o-ring that’s a little fatter than the old but seats perfectly and it’s viton. Hope that helps.



Most excellent


Thats what I was thinking, i hope you can update this and it works out.


dultmeier is the freaking best. Got to me in less than 24 hours


tried ordering from them but too confusing…


I dont know about you guys…
But mine last me years and they are GP


Came today. I ordered the wrong one.


I didn’t even see that one as an option.

BTW, I ordered the last two they had today.


Dadgumit !


I just punched in “downstream injector” in the search bar and order the first stainless steel one I saw. I was in a rush when I did it. I’ll give it a try, looks like you can adjust it by twisting the black part.