Best injector on the planet and other fittings


But it says it’s only a 1.8, that’s designed for a 1-2 GPM.
What machine are you running?


1.8 is usually for 2-3gpm. I have a 5gpm Landa. A lot of guys drop down a size to draw more chem.


I get what you are saying.
But maybe the comma threw you off, it literally says 1.8 1-2 GPM.
If you’re using that on a 5GPM that will throw some suds, but you should probably bypass it or take it off during rinse. Just sayin’


Wasn’t confused by the comma. On their website it said 2-3gpm. Either way, 1.8mm is what you will find when you order a 2-3gmp ds injector from just about anywhere. Not concerned that it says 1-2gpm after it. I’ll put it in the tool box for when I need a backup.


At any rate, it’s kinda weird because all of their other stainless injectors are measured in thousandths, not mm


That’s a good point. I’ll have to look into it.


Someone asked me what drill bit to use to drill out the orifices to the gray size. 1/16 bit


I tried using multiple configurations but could not for the life of me get my machine to pull soap with an undersized injector (3-5 gpm), will not happen with my 8gpm setup. I’m just happy I got it to work, had to buy two (20%) 5 - 8 gmp injectors (one backup)
Also my swivel on the reel was leaking so I went ahead and got a super swivel, excited about that, fancy thing even has a grease nipple

I put a female QC on the swivel so I can pull off the injector from the reel in case I need to swap it out


Will it pull soap without the gun on? If so, try a 2315 gun.


Did you try the small injector after you fixed leak?


@Innocentbystander I only use 2315s, and I don’t try without a gun

@Racer The leak was recent, i havent been able to pull soap in long time, but there possibly could have been a trickle

The only way i could pull soap before was if i throttled the machine half way, but yesterday not even that could work


Take the gun off and see if it will pull soap thru the hose. Work back wards from the gun trouble shooting. Take off the hose and see if it pulls thru the reel. If you have couplings on your hose, work backwards taking off sections and trying at each place with and without the gun


I took the hose off the reel and it still wouldn’t pull chems.
I used a shorter hose hose with a brand new 3-5 DI, nothing
I even didn’t use my chemical lines with ball valves in case they were the issue, but to no avail.
The only thing that made it work, with long or short hose, was a brand new 5-8 gpm DI.
I replaced the swivel on the reel, put a female QC on the swivel, a male QC on the DI and hooked up my chem lines and it works flawlessly


If it works it works.


Last thing. When you put your finger over the bath in the injector is there any suction? Have you freed the ball ? Use a puck and push thru the barb to understand seat it from the washer. Like @squidskc said though, if it works it works. I wish I could use 5-8 gpm injectors. Yours is a good problem to have


Hey I just went and seen they have a Grey dual barb I’m going to try it out hopefully with it no mixing!!!


3/64th’s is the correct size bit


Ha! Off by a 64th! Or .4 mm… you just messed up everyone’s ratio by .42 pints!


Lol, I’m sticking with 1/16


As fussy as you are I assumed that you wanted a precise dia. :upside_down_face: