Best injector on the planet and other fittings

Here’s one more video to celebrate me teaching @Innocentbystander something and I feel like bragging about it.

And these really are the best injectors available.


Pineapple on pizza, really dude? Also I’m pretty sure you were trying to singing the blues clues song! Nice video with awsome info as always :star_struck:

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Thanks man. This was my favorite part.


I’ll have to order up a batch for next year. Doubt I’ll get any use out of them this year, I’m hoping to have power washing closed out by November 1st. I think we are going to get early snow this year. It was nice to see someone else useing the garden hose cam locks! Saves us tons of time and effort being able to break off 50 foot of garden hose for those front of the home water sources.

Best hawaiian is with no tomato paste, but with apricot jam, cheese, lots of cheese, pineapple ham.


Absolutely love pepperoni and pineapple! Good video. Thanks for sharing!

Sounds more like dessert!

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I can’t vex my mind with ratios. My old injectors emptied a 32 ounce bottle of water in 24 seconds. I put a gray orifice in the gosh darn new injectors and it emptied the bottle in 62 seconds. I typically ran 1 part 12.5 to 2 parts water so that was pretty much right on the money. Now, instead of refilling a 65 gallon tank of mix every two hours, I use 65 gallons straight 12.5 and refill every 6 hours. Less 5 gallon pails to carry for top off also.


I’ve been trying to spread the injector gospel!

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You are to be lauded, but the more you share, the easier you make it for others. The more contractors with less knowledge the better for the less with more knowledge :slight_smile:


This is the same injector that I linked to in the other thread. Brodie’s video just convinced me to order one. And any doubt I had after that, ibs convinced me with his secrecy of hoarding valuable intel. Thanks guys. Hopefully this will get my mix where it needs to be.

And on a side note. BNI is starting to pay off. Thanks Brodie


This is something I suspected about you. But I understand.

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It’s partially tongue in cheek, but I’ve helped a lot of folks that ended up hurting my business later.


He’s mostly joking. He probably spends much time on the phone with pressure washing contractors around the country as he does on the road.


No shade intended IBS. I get it. I doubt the Nascar guys share and exchange helpful tips freely too, lol.

Heading to nascar hall of fame Saturday with my youngest and then to joe gibbs shop. Hard core #18 fans


I thought that was mostly destroyed in the riots.

The FranceFrance family will eventually destroy nascar but the hall of fame is still there lol

Lol no not that. I was talking about the riots 2 years ago. When police killed that unarmed man who was a father of 7. The black life’s matter guys rioted for the release of the police video. I had seen on the news the nascar hall of fame was rioted and looted. Could very well be “fake news”. It was when Charlotte declared “State of emergency” maybe you was on the way to your SHTF cabin and missed it.

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Fairly fast shipping