Best injector on the planet and other fittings


And another one went out this morning


@squidskc just to clarify, your useing the 3-5 gpm injector on an 8 GPM machine correct? I’m getting ready to order my first one ant wanted to make sure.


Yes. Use the grey orifice and drill the other ones in the bag to the same size


I thought I was hard on stuff


Shipping on 1 injector and a set of tips… 31.96


Could you not use those same metering tips in the gp injector?

Or order these, and then you’d know what color to use? On Kleen Rite you can order a bunch of just one color.


It sounds like those are made to fit into 1/4 in barb.


They fit in the barb by screwing in. GP doesn’t have threads. And they changed the barb assembly threads so they aren’t interchangeable. One bag of tips will cover about a dozen injectors if you drill them out. I’m not disappointed with them. They last as long as any other injector but I love being able to load straight bleach in the tanks and not having to stop and fill up tanks during the day and carry a lot of 5 gallon pails.


Haven’t been on the site in a while but just trying to catch up on all this new threads so is this the one I should be buying for my 8gpm 3500psi machine??

How does the Grey proportioner go in?


It screws in the end of the blue barb.


@Chris, @Alex, you guys should really start carrying these injectors in the store.


You should mount them in a box, like you do for your 3-way valves.


Are those injectors only good for using mx5? Or it don’t matter . I still use a j rod


They work just like a regular ds injector. Except they’re built to withstand SH much better, and have the option to use metering tips in a similar way as an xjet.



What is your mix ratio with your 8 gpm machine?

If you are using a 3-5 ds injector b/c of the 225 feet of hose and it gives you a good ratio for your house wash couldn’t you just use a 5-8 injector and ds straight 12.5 sh? Should be close to the same ratio… unless you are ds straight 12.5 using the 3-5 injector.


I believe he runs straight SH with some elemonator. That’s how I use the injector.

Smaller size (3-5 gpm) effects draw rate a little bit, but it’s mostly to avoid issues with too much back pressure on long runs of hose.

The metering tips let you dial the draw rate down to wherever you need it and run straight SH in your housewash tank.


Yeah that’s my plan with my 8 gpm machine is to run straight 12.5 … I run 200’ of hose … I was just wounding if he was mixing like 3 gal sh to 2 h20 getting those ratio’s …

but if he is running straight using the 3-5 gpm I might give that injector a shot and try it out with my new machine …

@squidskc are you using mx5 or j rod… it seems to me with my 5-8 injector with the mx5 I run thro more hw mix then using my j rod


Yep. It works perfect for what I need.


J-rod kinda. Soap fan, soap 0 degree, and a 40 degree pressure nozzle. Don’t need anything else.


@squidskc do you know anything about these? Kynar bodies and Teflon Orings!