Best injector on the planet and other fittings


Do you have a strainer on your soap line? Is it possible you’re getting bits of junk in the injectors?


No strain. I’ve read all over the forum to trash them, so I did. Maybe it time to re think this?


If this is the case, I think the 5-8 hidraw would be getting trash as well. Or maybe not due to the larger orifice


That shouldn’t change anything. The chem doesn’t pass through the orifice.

Maybe it’s just been a luck-of-the-draw thing (pun intended)

Distance from machine shouldn’t matter

Undersized injectors I think can get jammed more easily when the ball seats into the seal. There’s more of a “slamming” action when it opens and closes.

Not sure what has been causing your issues, really.


I’ve had 2 springs break apart and get sucked into the injector. They don’t last any longer than the the normal GP hi draws but they have the metering orifice so I accept the trade off


Guess it’s time to order a few more. Thanks guys


I use strainers. Haven’t replaced a single one out of 5 in over a year unless one of the subcontractors I swapped them onto their machines has and didn’t say anything. They all use strainers on drop tubes. Mine gets used everyday all day. Never once an issue.


I had two go out a day apart. Luck of the draw.


The “draw”…:joy:


Where, I’ve never heard that here. I always use a strainer.


I don’t use them. The white mesh ones typically rust away. I do go thru about 4 dozen injectors a year though, maybe that’s why.


The plastic ones last forever. I get at least 6 months out of one if not more. But IBS right, the mesh ones don’t last long at all. Plastic ones cost like $2.


I’ll give the filters a go. I was having issues with an injector a while back and read the filters weren’t worth it. Then I had one corrode to pieces and clog a 12v. So I stopped using them. I have only used the mesh filters. I’m trying to find the $2 plastic one but it’s time for bed. Thanks fellas.


There’s also an option for one with a check ball, but I’m not sure which one is better.


yep, I like it w/o the check valve. It has a small weight on it, but I add some to it.


Yo homies. Update: Officially had this injector give up the ghost on me… After making $170k or so with it, the busiest year I’ve ever had, and this last 30 days has been my busiest to date.

It’s practically a miracle how well these things hang on for dear life and keep on plugging.


What color size would I order for a 5.5 gpm with 150 ft of hoze


How did it fail? Or did it wear out?


Inner o-ring split in two, back pressure popped the hose off the barb and it was spraying out of the injector when I let off the trigger. Could probably rebuild it, just too cheap not to replace.


I bought the grey 2-4 gpm one.

Way less restrictive than the GP 2-3 gpm hi draw I was using previously, but still pulls awesome with 200’ of hose. I’ve been running the purple metering tip for most jobs with straight 12.5 and elemonator in the tank, and it seems to be a good mix for most situations. If I have some really bad gutters or a problem area I go and pull the metering tip out.