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Innocent, you downstream 65 gallons of mix every 2 hours?


I think that was the same question you asked when you popped in last year to stir the pot. Answer is still the same.


A couple things to hit you with. First, down streaming 65 gallons in 2 hours isn’t happening, and definitely not on a consistent basis. Second, if you are down streaming 65 gallons every 2 hours doing multi unit cleaning what in the world are you doing. 65 gallons of soap mix should last you 2 days. 75% of time is spent rinsing.

As usual, you are living in a fantasy world where you downstream 400 gallons per day, the only contractor on the whole planet to do so.


Hmmmmm how do you downstream 65 gallons in 2 hours IBS,just asking


It’s possible if he has multiple rigs running multiple machines at the same time. I go through 5 gallons of mix in less than 1 hour.

10 gallons in 2 hours x 6 machines running in an apartment complex…it’s possible.

Just throwing a scenario out there since it looks like he has a fleet of trucks.


It’s very possible to downstream 65 gallons in two hours. I did a house a few weeks ago and we went through 20 gallons in about 45 minutes. It depends the size of the surface that’s being cleaned and how much the gun is kept open. You might ought to know the entire scenario before insinuating someone is lying.


Most every legit contractor around me goes thru that much or more. 65 gallon tank with 2 machines drawing from it needs to be filled at least 3 times a day, times 4 trucks. These new injectors cut down tremendously on the amount of 5 gallon pails we carried for fill ups. Pay no attention to Tim. He pops in one or twice a year and causes grief for a few minutes and leaves. He’s for a real contractor but he’s harmless.


Each truck has a 65 gallon chem tank with 2 right gpm machines pulling from it.


These injectors should make a tank last three times as long. Typically our mix is 20 gallons SH and 40 gallons water. Now it will be straight SH, but metered.


IBS is rite And Tim is a troll. We regularly go through 80-100 gallons a day downstreaming with two 8gpm units When washing big building. Usually spraying between 4 and 6 hours


I run one 7 gpm machine and refill a 35 gallon chem tank 2-3 times a week on my own with the proportioned injectors. The math works when he’s running 5-7 trucks with two machines per truck and apartment complexes which take 2-3x as much mix as a standard suburban house and 10-14 techs who may not use mix as efficiently as the guy paying for it. Not to mention he was using a higher draw injector before the proportioned ones.


65 gallons of mix doesn’t mean the same thing as 65 gallons of SH.


The 80-100 gallons I mentioned is straight SH .


I’m not debating it. I’m sure there are bigger companies than any of ours that burn through more.


I don’t get why people question 65 gallon DS in two hours.

With just a 4gpm and a 5gpm we have been going through 80 gallons of SH in 4-5 hour work day doing Apartments.

40 degrees out and we have to pull straight…no h20 in mix.


Some people like to scrub!!!


florida_condo_cleani it’s Mr. Troll to you.


Well at least you own it . There’s some respect in that I guess


Steering the conversation back to the topic lol. I just ordered mine. Can’t wait to try it. Also, ordered a 1" manifold Hannay supply reel. I’m really looking forward to switching from the 1/2"


Have you had any problems with this injector yet. Mine will only pull chemicals intermittently now. I took it apart, there was a small piece of something, put it back together and still no go.

I swapped the injector with a 5-8 hidraw and bingo, works flawlessly. I was having the same problem with hi draw 3-5 as I am with this stainless gp.

I’m beginning to think it’s a problem elsewhere. Could it hurt that my injector is placed about 15’ away from the machine at the hose reel? I’ve always read to have it at least x amount away from the machine but never heard of it being too far away. I’m just brain storming. I don’t think this injector went bad already.

Any ideas?