53 gal poly drum handling

My drums don’t come on pallets. I have pallet forks, but getting a pallet under the drum while it is in the bed of my truck is 1) heavy and 2) a PITA.

Looking for another way to move them. I saw the “parrot beak” attchments but couldn’t get a price. I also saw this type, which looks solid. https://www.amazon.com/Drum-Lifter-1000-Load-Capacity/dp/B000KL175Q/ref=sr_1_235?dchild=1&keywords=morse+brand+material+handling&qid=1600293463&sr=8-235

Most of the drum handlers I have seen are rated for steel, not poly, and they would squeeze the drum too much at the top. I saw the el cheapo strap systems, but that looks like an accident waiting to happen. This thing looks like it would slip. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JV09CLS?psc=1&pf_rd_p=0341f622-1508-4712-8614-4588a55d8cf4&pf_rd_r=PM461YPPNG4RV808CG8Y&pd_rd_wg=UO3Cg&pd_rd_i=B00JV09CLS&pd_rd_w=PitMm&pd_rd_r=756c93f3-b21e-41a2-bcad-390ac2ea6bcb&ref_=pd_luc_rh_ci_mcx_mr_huc_d_01_03_t_img_lh

Feedback? No, I’m not kicking it down a ramp off my truck bed. I can imagine people have done it without issues, but I know my luck, 1st time and my asphalt would be bleached. Yeah 15% + straight from the factory to my blacktop.

These work fine, I’ve used them plenty of times back in the day with full poly drums.



Thanks, your link will save about $10 vs. the zon.

And help someone else other than the Richest (known) man in the world!

Just pump it from one drum to another. It’s quick and easy. Or, maybe talk to your supplier and have them ship it on a pallet.


I talked to them, they have a minimum order and a delivery fee. It is actually much cheaper for me to drive the 40 minutes to go get it. I just drive up to the gate, beep the horn, give the order number, they load it in my truck, and I’m gone. They don’t use pallets around their yard, they all have these pelican hook systems on their forklifts. THey drive up pick up a drum and drive off, pretty neat, THey can carry two drums at once.

I thought about pumping it from drum on truck to drum in pole building, I just hate the thought of buying a 12v to do this permanently and replacing it everytime it dies. The barrel hoist will likely last a lifetime, and I don’t have to wait for the pump transfer.

He took a lot of risk, back when he started with books people shorted the heck out of his stock. Once he expanded from books and did the delivery quicker that business exploded. Walmart, who was beyond a doubt the world’s largest retailer at that time, dropped the ball and let them run past them for a touchdown, then let them get a 2pt conversion with 10 seconds left in the game…

I don’t fault him for getting rich, it is what capitalism is all about. I don’t fault you for making money at your hustle, but if you feel guilty about it, let me give you my address and you can send some my way. I promise it will be used for a good cause…think of the children. :innocent:

The zon is perfect for those of us who live in the boondocks. No driving 40 minutes one way and free delivery, plus a greater selection. I buy other places online too, just that the zon seems to carry it all and cheaper. I also use the camelizer, so I know when the zon is trying to rip me off.

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Put a pallet in the bed of your truck before you get there and have them set it on it. Strap it in and roll out. Unless I am missing something that should do it.


Edit: please see PSA:

Do you have an air compressor in your shop? Build an air powered transfer system.

Here’s my parts list. Upgrade to 1” plumbing with 1” crushproof hose for maximum flow:


I read that post twice, as I was interested in it. I looked at it for awhile then ruled it out. I think one or two people mentioned about drums breaking, that kinda scared me off of it. I didn’t like the way the drum expanded, but I think it was due to people not alleviating the pressure differential.

I’m not saying I won’t reconsider it again. 12v is easy peasy, but they break. I do currently transfer SH from my tank to trailer with a 12v, but it is used sparingly and flushed exceedingly well.

Work is painfully slow, estimates are being given but people aren’t calling back, so this is probably the last drum for the year. Besides we are getting freezing overnight lows this week, so I will be draining my rig if no jobs are lined up. Was looking for an easier system if I get more work.

Transferring from the back of your truck, gravity is in your favor. 1” plumbing, along with having as short a hose as possible, should also reduce the amount of air pressure required. Theoretically, you could get the fluid moving with a short burst of 5-10 psi, and let the drum on the truck gravity feed into the lower drum the rest of the way.

But I agree, the concept is not really for the faint of heart :rofl:

And you should have a backup transfer method for when they eventually give you a drum with the wrong threads in both bungs.


That is a solid answer. It will help with the unloading. The pallet raises the height of the drum and makes it harder to secure in the bed of the truck. You live in Florida which is flat, I live in PA where it is hilly. When I drive up the mountain, I have to account for the drum tipping, backwards andd side to side on the curvy roads. 4-5" doesn’t seem like much, but it is. I think I will just have to get a larger tire for the bed when hauling with a pallet, that should do it. I currently place a tire between the drum and the bed by the window. When I ratchet strap it in the tire bends around the drum some and securely holds everything in place. Witha pallet I will need a bigger tire.

I think this will solve it. Thanks.

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Sorry to hear that. Hopefully weather warms back up just a bit, and we get a good fall rush. It’s been slow around here, as well. I think we’re getting down to 35 or so for a couple nights this week. I’ll be tarping and “space-heatering” my rig if I see temps below freezing.

Oh don’t get me wrong, I use amazon all the time, I love the convenience and selection. But it passed me off when he bought Whole Foods. I’m like dog you need the food money too? He takes advantage of people, when Covid began Whole Foods completely got rid of putting things on sale, literally nothing would go on sale. Oliver’s market, which is just as nice, with 4 locations and also locally owned by by its employees, kept the sales going. For our business I try to support smaller PW supplier companies rather than buy the stuff from amazon if possible as most all of them ship to me (except pressuretek because of the idiots running California) and hope to keep our specialty providers in business. The way things are going small business may be a thing of the past and places like amazon and Walmart will control everything.

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Thanks, it is looking like 35, 35, 33, 35 the next several nights. Everyone says freezing at 32, but I live on the hilltop so it will be colder than the forecast. It amazes me to this date how the slightest elevation change will reduce temps by several degrees. 5 miles away in a slight valley it won’t freeze, but it will freeze on the hilltop.

I understand what you are saying but ask yourself this: Walmart has food, optical, hairdressing, fast food, wine shops, and everything else you can imagine for sale in their large stores. Why shouldn’t amazon get a food distributor? It makes a ton of sense. 1 stop shopping for everything. People are lazy, build your business on that and you win. My problem is that the hillbillies by me are cheaper than they are lazy.

If you are getting one drum, why take it off the truck? Just ds right out of the drum.

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Well, I am a small potatoe outfit. I use my pickup for things other than washing, like running the kid around. All my washing stuff is on my trailer. I store my SH drum in the garage/pole building out of the sunlight. I don’t put a lot of SH on my trailer in my tank because I don’t do that much washing, and I don’t want it degrading any faster than it already does.

You probably have a problem with storing all your stuff, I don’t have that issue.

Put it on the trailer. If it is in a blue or black drum it won’t break down any quicker than if it was in the shed. otherwise, do as the others suggested and invest in a under $100 12v pump. It will last several years.

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The only reason the drum popped from the air pump was because it already had cracks around the top. Most drums are in great shape.

If you put a pallet in the back of your truck just get some of the tie downs that go in the ladder rack holes on the bedside. You could snug it back towards the cab. 4" of height won’t make a difference if you have it secured.

As IBS mentioned a 12v will last a few years. If you don’t use it that much probably even longer.