40 degree tips on surface cleaner?

Dear everyone,
I searched but did not find anyone using 40 degree tips on surface cleaner. Why is that?
I find that 40040 tips work like a charm on my surface cleaner (BE 20"). Significantly faster.
My machine is about 8.5GPM, gauge reads about 2800 PSI. With 40 degree tips, I guess the actual PSI on the concrete would be around 2500PSI?

I use those same tips in my 21" surface cleaner. I got in my 8 gpm machine and failed to order the correct tips. Had to go local and that was all they had. It has worked well, so I have left it alone. That is not to say that 25 degree might be better just that it is working fine at a good walking speed with no swirls or lines so if it aint broke done fix it?

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Same here. They don’t have 25040 or 25045

I need to install my 2503’s today, the 1503’s made some smoother concrete look like a racetrack yesterday.:flushed:

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Wouldn’t this depend on…

  1. What height you’ve set the bar at?

For example, if you have your bar low with 15° nozzles, then raise it up - the fan will be more like having a 25°.

  1. the length of the bar (in relation to the diameter of the surface cleaner metal/plastic shroud)?

So if the bar was a 20” bar in a 20” shroud, the wider 40° fan would hit the inside edge and only half of the fan would work?

(Some bars are 18” inside 20” shrouds and so the fan would be better “shaped” in these ones maybe)

Can’t raise the bar on model. 40’s will hit the shroud. Need 25’s

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I have 18" on 20" SC. It seems to work for me. not touching the shrouds.

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