13hp honda with a 8gpm 1750psi pump


Yes. Exactly, with that motor. Pump may be capable of more pressure but you would need a 25 hp motor to get it. Or a pressure pro sticker lol


Man great chart. I’m in the same boat as him, I’m thinking about trying out the predator though :open_mouth:


I’m giving it serious consideration. I’d like to try it before I knock it… the reviews are hard to get past. A ton of good ones.


I noticed Rob Anderson of YouTube fame has one on a backup machine. It’d be interesting to hear his opinion. I’ve run into quite a few posts of people who are happy with their Predator. One that wasn’t.


He mentioned in one of his recent videos that he has 2 of the predator motors. He said one runs perfectly, the other is garbage.


One of those kohlers @Steve linked with an undor 7gpm would be a great machine for a single operator.


That exchange not repair warranty would come in handy then.


I’ve used quite a few predator engines for log splitters, tillers, and installed a few in golf carts for people. They really are hit or miss. I’d say more hit than miss though. I’ve seen brand new predators last 8 hours and lock up. I’ve seen others that never want to start with a crap from day one. I’ve also had one on an old tiller that starts up and runs like a champ every spring on the second pull. There’s a reason why Harbor Freight has extremely cheap prices compared to other places. They use cheaper parts made from cheaper steel and the quality control isn’t there compared to a Honda, Vanguard, or Kohler.

They do get great reviews though. The thing is do the people reviewing the Predator engine run theirs multiple hours a day 5-6 days a week? I’m sure a few do but most reviews are from homeowners who use them to mow their lawn once a week for 5 months out of the year or split wood a few hours at a time a few times a year.

If I used one commercially I’d get rid of or cover the “Predator” on the engine. When anybody sees anything from Harbor Freight the first thing that enters their mind is “cheap tools made in China”. I have nothing against the store. I love going there. I have their sandblast cabinet, floor jack, sand blaster, parts cleaner, etc. I just don’t know what a homeowner would think when their professional pressure washer shows up with an engine from Harbor Freight. I may be way off on that one but something to think about from a marketing standpoint.

They do have a one year warranty so that could make it worth taking a chance. If you’re only running part time it may be worth taking a chance. I think it would make a perfect backup if you need one. I think they do have their place I just don’t think they’re made to be ran day in and day out. All of this is just something to think about and is just my opinion and we all know what that’s worth.


Personally I think HF has some great bargains and some total wastes of money. And I very much agree if someone is running an engine or tool 5 days a week they are almost always better off buying a name brand.

I am old enough to remember when everything they had was literally junk. At the time I had almost no cash so often it was my only choice. There is a person named Mechanicnamedjohn on YouTube that outfitted a whole shop with HF tools and ran a successful business. Eventually he did change to another brand.

Right now I am operating on limited funds and I am intrigued by Predator engines. Especially when I see Rob Anderson and Schwartz using them successfully. Sometimes you have to learn by experience!

I believe they come with a 90 day warranty but you can upgrade to a 1 or 2 year warranty for $100. And the exchange not replace makes that worthwhile imo.

The 22hp Predator is $640 on sale plus about $100 for the warranty? The Honda is $1400 plus $140 for the muffler I believe. That’s a helluva difference.


Some of their stuff isn’t bad at all. They have really been trying to up their game the last few years with certain items. There are youtube reviews for just about every tool they have.

If you’re operating on limited funds it might be worth taking a shot on a Predator. They do have their place. At the very least it should make you enough money to where you could upgrade in the future if need be. I just don’t see one performing as well as a Honda due to the cheaper parts used and especially because of the quality control. I’ve seen them not perform as well as Hondas but that wasn’t on a washer. One example of cheaper parts or steel is the crankshaft. I can’t say with 100% certainty on the HF 22 hp but their 6.5hp and 13hp have a cast crankshaft while Honda uses a forged steel crank. That right there says a lot.

One thing to remember about their $100 warranty and replacement is that is only a one time replacement so you can’t just keep going back and exchanging it for a new one. If your first one is a dud or has issues and, you exchange it, you can no longer exchange it for another. I’m not sure how the 90 days return policy plays into that but I’ve had Predators that have been duds right from the start that I have to take back. I have had others that have ran like champs for years but with limited use. I’d have to look but I believe Honda has a 3 year warranty. You can’t just exchange it but they’ll fix it for free. Due to better parts and better quality are Hondas worth fixing and clones just throwaways? I don’t know but something to think about.

They definitely have their place depending on the situation. If you’re just getting started I think you’re better off using a Predator with a good pump rather than using a lower gpm homeowner machine. I mentioned it earlier but I have nothing against them and even use them at home. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with giving one a shot commercially but just have a backup plan for quick replacement or have some parts on hand if you’re using one day in and day out. There’s a reason why the price is so cheap and they offer you one replacement. They’re still making money out of the deal. I’m not saying I wouldn’t use one for a washer because I would. I just wouldn’t look at it as a long term investment if it was getting used day in and day out. Honda has a proven track record for quality in a commercial setting. Does Harbor Freight?

If you decide to get the HF the 20% coupon says at the bottom that you can’t use it on Predator engines but a lot of cashiers will let you.


I came across a deal on a GX390 so no Predator for me right now. I do want to add an 8 gpm before long and I’ll likely give the Predator a try.


The difference between the Predator and Honda is 3 house washes. The savings on the Predator goes out the window once you soap a house and your motor dies before you can rinse. Now you have to take back your Predator, install a new one, call your insurance company, have them replace the vinyl, get really bad google review. Your insurance increases about the amount you saved.

I went through these thoughts and questions before I made my decision. My 8gpm Honda paid for itself in many ways including customer respect, efficiency, ability to take on commercial jobs with confidence and peace of mind. Buy the Honda. Its 3 house washes!


You’re assuming it dies Nashville. If you get the Honda and it dies you have to buy a replacement as you won’t get it fixed quickly.


While I appreciate the sentiments and wisdom in your post, I do think you’re looking at this from the worst of the worst case scenarios.

Buying a Honda is no guarantee that you won’t get a lemon. Every manufacturer has them. Honda may have a much higher rate of reliability, but you can still end up with one dying on you mid-job.

If your machine dies mid job, you should have a contingency in place. Finish rinsing with the garden hose or your 12v pump if you need to. Always have backup plans and parts/supplies in place. No matter how reliable you think your machines are.

For full timers, our rigs are what you would call “mission critical”. That means having backups for our backups. No, you don’t need two pressure washers, per sé, but you should have two ways to wash and rinse a house.

That said, I think in general the Predator motors make more sense for someone getting started, or not quite full time yet. For someone who doesn’t have a completely booked schedule, a missed day of work doesn’t necessarily mean lost income. In most cases, the work for that day can be postponed to an open day. For such part timers/newbies, the money saved could be put toward a 12v setup, or more advertising.

Either that, or someone who is booked but has a comfortable level of backups in place so that one downed machine doesn’t wreck their day.

Regardless, I would lose the Predator badge like a bad habit and replace it with my company logo. :sunglasses:


This always crosses my mind every house wash. Last year I bought 5 Little Big Shot hose nozzles because they’ve got distance so I can at least wet the sides while I get the 12v set up.

It’s a cheap insurance policy.

For the record I agree with this post wholeheartedly and not at all saying the little big shot or a 12v is the cure for a crappy engine.

I’m intrigued by the predator engines too, but at $800 more for a Honda it’s worth it to sleep a little better at night.



I replied to Matthew’s post before I got to read yours and now I’m basically a parrot.


I’ve thought about that as well but there are just as many people saying they’ve had problems with them. Belt drives can also be repaired same day with a belt from a local auto supply store.


I carry 4 spare belts. :slight_smile: my pulleys hold two.


My big brother and I installed crown moulding in a mansion that had roving security. It was enormous. You could get lost. Anyway, we needed to run two crews which meant two saws. I didn’t bring one, he thought I had one, I thought he brought a second one. So I stopped at harbor freight and bought a 12 inch compound miter saw for $140.

At the time I had a big Bosch miter saw back home. And I fell in love with the freaking Chicago electric saw. Did almost $30k worth of finish carpentry work with my big brother with that saw. Then I went on to make another few thousand cuts with it only replacing the guard that broke. Gave the Bosch to my dad to replace his Makita I think he traded beads to the natives for.

They’re super hit or miss… but I love that saw.


My honda may go down tomorrow but I doubt it. I feel like parts availability is better. Buy a Predator, and make money. Im sure it will do great. My next project is going to be a kohler i think, im not attached to any manufacturer. I just feel like my odds are favorable. And for me, as a provider for my family, I base equipment choices on proven reliability so I dont spend my nights bustin knuckles and worrying. Anyways, I have a backup machine. Didnt mean to ruffle feathers. Just dont see the end value of $800 savings. Like i say, 3 house washes. For my business, its a no brainer.