13hp honda with a 8gpm 1750psi pump


I found a machine that seems like it would be good for house washing and some light concrete work. I am just not sure about the engine being powerful enough for the pump.

Honda GX390 Motor What Pump Needed?



Can’t do concrete but that is a good little set up for house washing


Concrete in my area consists of moldy driveways.

So putting down a strong house wash wouldent help with concrete?

Think I will loose some height when using an x-jet?


I can’t change my answer by wording it differently.


What about the x-jet. Would I loose some height on that. my 3.5gpm machine seems to shoot around 40ft up.


I only have speculation on that


Which way are you speculating? higher or lower height.

I’ll most likely save for the 3500 psi machine as it will be a better fit. This however does seems like a nice conversion of my current machine though.


I honestly have no idea how to even respond to that. Just go with high or low in what ever makes you happy. Actualities seem to be of little consequence for you.


The devil is in the details. I have listened to the advice of others on here. Getting the 30ft unger, f-13 and brushes recommended.

Also the marketing advice.


So you’re gonna pay $2k for a machine with the same PSI as a $100 electric for the 8 gpm part? Not to mention it’s gonna be tough to actually get 8 gallons from the engine.

This seems super bonkers to me…

I feel like you’d be better off buying a Predator 22 HP from Harbor Freight for $700 and spending $1200 on a gear drive 8 gpm 3000 psi udor. At least then you might get 6 months out of it and be able to put it on a GX 690 or a Kohler.

You can find good used engines on Craigslist, but good used pumps are hard to come by.

Or… you can spend $1800 on a 5.5 gpm 2500 psi machine and at least be able to do concrete and house washes.

The machine you’re looking at seems like an expensive let down.


I am most likely going to save up for an 8gpm 3500 psi belt drive machine. My current setup is a bit slow, but works for now. There is nothing good in my area on craigslist right now. I keep looking, but everything is garbage from home depot.


Smartest thing you’ve said in this thread. Heed your own thoughts.


Heres some info that might help you.


Love the transit, but that’s an interesting spot to put the ball valve


Did he have the ball valve on the head of the surface cleaner? Not sure if I saw that right.


He didnt have a ball valve on the surface cleaner, its on the hose end.


Right, but from my understanding, ball valve on hose connects (typically) somewhere at the handle or trigger gun part of the surface cleaner. It just looks weird like this guy hooks right to the surface cleaner head with the ball valve.


Odd but if it works for him…

Seems like a pain to bend down. On one of my SC I just removed the trigger so I just hook up the ball valve


This seems like a good option for me for the price.

Would you recommend this?