13hp honda with a 8gpm 1750psi pump


I bought one of their little tailgator 2 stroke generators to run a sump pump from the river to water my sunflowers. Man, that little motor runs like a sewing machine. Just hums right along. It will not generate one single watt of power but the motor runs great.


The generators are in my top 5 best harbor freight purchases. It sounds like that one can only run one small thing at a time though.


It wouldn’t power a light bulb. Took it back but they wanted all the gas drained. I had a son with me and didn’t want to pour the gas out on their sidewalk wirh him watching lol. Now i have another project motor


Anything from their is definitely hit or miss. It’s just not hit or miss from one item to another it can be hit or miss on the exact same item. One generator or saw may work great for one but the exact same generator or saw for someone else might not run right from the start. The quality control on these products have to be next to none. I guess that’s one way they’re able to save money to sell a cheaper product. I’ll use certain items from there for home use or something I don’t use everyday but would feel better sticking to an engine that has a proven track record for commercial use.


Hey, at least we’re not as bad as mechanics. A lot of them won’t touch a wrench unless it’s snap-on. And SO makes Honda look cheap! :roll_eyes:


PS. I love garagejournal.com!


This whole thread is great. I’m on the fence, but a part in my mind says I WANT THE BEST, even though I’m not that type of guy, I don’t have it like that. But for my clients, I want the best, for my business, I want the best, I want to be the best, I want to have the best cleaning company around. It’s a tough journey, but it can be done, one step at a time.


Wondering how that eorked out for you.


I don’t worry about how much something costs anymore. I am concerned about how much something costs to use. Success creates a whole new dynamic. Today I want to know how likely my equipment will fail and what I can do to prevent that failure. I want to know, most importantly, that I will not spend time repairing equipment that better choices would have prevented me from owning in the first place.



Totally, reliability is more important when problems literary take from your hard earned profits.

I ended up going worth a Honda instead of the predator


Nicely played, Youngster!


Thats how my mechanic is at my shop. Snap on truck rolls through our place and knows hes gonna get him for SOMETHING lol.


And if they make a good living I get it but there are a lot mechanics doing not so great that owe tens of thousands to the SO dealer! :scream:


When he pulls in we yell to the mechanics, “drug dealers here!” :joy:




I always say buy quality the first time so you only cry once.


How did I miss this predator thread? lol


You were busy with one of your 4 jobs?! :grinning:


Hey Brodie, what are the other four?! I am sensing a topic for a YouTube video! :slight_smile:


Lol I thought you meant like I only had 4 jobs lined up… was about to make a road trip to slap you.

4 jobs like safety, washing, and plowing? I guess hunting would be number 4 but that doesn’t start for another 2 weeks!