13hp honda with a 8gpm 1750psi pump


Thanks. I’ve been so focused on Belt Driven machines…do you like one over the other(Belt Driven) Joe?


If you want to build it the gx 690 is on sale now at Northern Tool. (I say that with a deep hatred for northern tool, but a Honda is a Honda)

The $300 you save can go toward a Honda oem muffler.

Speaking of oem muffler @FATJOE that water dragon has an oem Honda muffler in the pic. I wonder if it actually ships with one. Lol


I don’t want to steal Chris’s thunder but I’m switching to gear drives over belt drives. Less space. Same principle. No pulleys or belts. But repair cost is higher.


Thats the one I currently have.

It doesnt ship with a factory muffler but if you call the order in, you can request it. It will cost a bit more. You can also request to have the unloader remote mounted.


I’d tell them my order is contingent on sending an OEM muffler with it and I’m not paying extra because that’s how it should come anyway. Lol

Especially since it doesn’t say anything about that in the description and all the pics show the OEM… now I’m slightly peeved.

I wonder how many they’ve sold with the discount muffler and nobody knew any better.


Remote mounted…better for vibration purposes? Sorry if a dumb question


Lol. I wish it worked that way. Honda doesn’t even ship with a muffler on them at all.

My next one will be gear drive. I’m going to pick up the motor in the morning at a SWEET price


Yes. Takes the weight and the torque off the pump.


What machine do you run Squid?


And a 5.5/2500 and 4/4000 up north and regretfully purchased 5 gpm machine from Northern Tool. The guys up north are kinda left to their own devices though and I gave them second hand machines. I just get homeadvisor leads or calls for a metro area an hour north of me. They’re “subcontractors”.

From where I’m at I won’t run anything except 7 & 8 gpm because I can maintain them and see them come back to the shop when the truck build is all done and I can find employees who pass drug tests.


Up north?


I edited it to explain, but yeah. An hour north of here I have two guys who I send work 10-12 days a month.




Without a hose reel and 225’ feet of hose.


With a hose reel and 225’ of hose


If you want a proper gun that that will last a long time it’ll be another $100 for trigger gun, wand, and j rod (nozzles)

If you buy the Honda GX690 local you can save on shipping. Bonus:You can get a Honda GX 630 and a 7 gpm pump you can save a couple hundred bucks AND shipping.


Foregive me for being an awesomewash for a minute… and i from as much as i trying to read on here, im not sure i am sure i know answer…

8/3500 pump, the correct motor gives you full specs… smaller motor, can use same pump but wont reach full potential… can a larger pump go on virtually with virtually any motor but numbers will just go down?


That’s a question for @innocentbystander or @racer or @gbattle or @steve or any of the other technical wizards.

But as I understand it, the PSI decreases, but you get the gpm. Like the original title of this post. The 8 gpm/1750psi is on a 390.

My pump on my trailer is 7gpm/4000 psi pump, but on the 630 as advertised I’m only getting 3000 psi out of it.


10-4… my mind was just working when you posted that chart and was just thinking out loud. Im not gonna try and put a 13 gpm pump on my 390.


I really appreciate the breakdown! Adds to the thinking Im doing…I may just say screw it and go back to the 4@4!lol :joy:


These dudes will make your mind spin… bite the bullet and go for it man.


Sorry. Posted the wrong one. Mine is belt driven