Your Oddest Jobs

I looked thru the forum and couldn’t find the topic so…

What is the oddest thing someone asked you to pressure wash?

I was just asked to power wash the mats that go behind the bar. Once a week for $50. Guy owns 5 bars. Seems easy enough. Now just gotta research what to use on rubber mats.

Didn’t find anything here on this forum. I was thinking that a SH and a scented surfacant would be the way to go. I’m just going to direct pump spray onto them and then softwash hot water rinse.

I did some IT work at bars. They tend to be nasty. Pricing seems cheap but if you are dead it might be worth it?

I used to run bars and restaurants. It is what it is, literally power washing them. No soap necessary, though heat will help.

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Unless all five bars are side-by-side and you can hit it for $250 and they move all the mats in and out for you, for $50 seems like a lots more work that its worth.

It would be easy work though.

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They aren’t side by side. But this would be in addition to SF their entryway and outside patios (for the ones that have them) and cleaning of dumpster pads once a month. The other 3 weeks will just do the mats so will have to suck them up those weeks for the bigger picture.

Sell him on every other week? That way you’re wasting less time?


Lol couldn’t figure out how to link it

Bar dirt and grease is like no other!! I can tell you from experience of running bars many many years ago we used to stack all of them up slightly offset and spray them down with degreaser let them sit and dwell and then rinse them off with hot water… sometimes you had to do that twice


Didn’t think of searching weird. Searched odd instead

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holy crap I think I got it lol…thanks I’m always learning something new

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These mats come from the kitchen area of a local Pizza Hut. I used a oven and grill cleaner at 10:1 with cold water after trying sh and degreaser.


@Ecowashpressurewash is right. Forget the SH, need a degreaser and at least warm water with decent pressure.