What's the weirdest thing you've ever pressure washed

I’ve seen some unusual jobs on here from normal houses to onion picking machine and it got me thinking…whats the most unusual thing or situation you’ve had to pressure wash???
Mine was a kitchen interior…not so unusual…until I found out that 3 days prior that I couldn’t use a pressure washer do to time and noise restrictions…people lived above the restaurant and they wanted it done at midnight…roof wash pump and a deckbrush it is lol!..paid good though


Giant inflatable obstacles for the inflatable 5k. Think bounce houses on steroids.

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Dang daytime and nighttime pics you must have been there forever

I had a scammer send me to an address to wash a chain link fence. I didn’t wash it but I was New and green enough to go. Lol

I wash a Mardi Gras float a few days ago. Someone called and asked me to. Next year I will market it some how. Quick easy money and I hope to get several right in the same yard. Never even crossed my mind until someone called. I posted a video on my GMB page



A adult foster care facility… that was for violent offenders who were deemed insane, so instead of prison they were sent to this place.

Weirdest time washing ever…

Best thing is the company never disclosed what the property actually was…we were in negations on a few dozen properties but cut ties with them after that job


Crazy Mouse roller coaster or ice skating rink

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Was with rick on a job and owner kept adking rick if he needs to wear a mask inside the house so he doesn’t breath in chems. At the end of the job he refused to come out and stood at the window looking at rick pointing to the phone. Rick answered and they stood 3 feet away from each other talking on the phone though a window​:joy::joy::joy::joy:. He refused to come out until rick convinced him to atleast come to the garage to sign the check.

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This just made me remember the guy i met in Tractor supply lol. He pressure washed his pigs before he took them to show.:joy::joy::joy: he said they loved it.


I kinda want to hear more about how that job came about. :elephant:

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Routed to me by Xterior, home of the Xjet. Circus needed elephants washed down. The keeper guy used the wand with a low pressure fan tip and washed them. Not much different than using a garden hose really.


Literal lol on that one. Damn rick, did you guys wash his house with nerve gas. Halarious

I don’t think his wife left the house for 2 days.


Weirdos. Hey, I take weirdos money too

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Pressure washed a boat lift for a long time customer when I worked down in Florida. We had 2 guys on land and I was literally in my Jon boat doing all the undersides. Got a big tip from that one (he was also my chiropractor and gave all of the guys working a free adjustment.)


God that’s a dream come true. I desperately need a chiropractor as a friend. I’ve had a spot in my upper back that hasn’t loosened up for months now and I’ve just been too stubborn to find a new chiropractor up here.

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I 100% have everyone beat on this one…

A couple years back I washed a submarine…Yes, a submarine.

It was out of the water at an undisclosed location, and was really, really cool.

I had to meet with the clients first before anything was discussed further and the job secured.