Your biggest "OH CRAP" moment of 2018

Lets hear some of your biggest “OH CRAP” moments of 2018.

Mine— We were getting ready to pressure wash a nice home. My son had the gun and I was at the truck starting the pressure washer. I go around the house and by the look in my son’s eyes I knew something was not right. He pointed to the house and where he had started spraying looked like we were spraying black paint onto the house. I took the gun and started spraying a bit more but still nothing coming out except what looks like black paint. My first thought was to kill the pressure washer but decided to spray onto the black roof. Lucky for me it finally cleared up and all the black stuff rinsed off, and also the home owner was in the back of the house so he was unaware of the incident. Never had this happen before and has not happened since, but for a few minutes I was sweating bullets. I had a suspicion that my high pressure nozzles were pulling bleach on the previous job so I may have had bleach sitting in my hose and reels for a couple of days which may have caused this, but not for sure.

Now lets hear your stories.


Brought my 3 year old on a job for a church members house (wife needed emergency babysitter). He dissapeared so I went off looking for him. Turns out, he was on the driveway, pants down taking a leak. Full view of the neighborhood. No shame that guy

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It’s Called “Black Death” it’s your hoses deteriorating… They start to pour out a black substance.

No big deal! It will rinse off…

It happened to me, many times when I did carpet cleaning, it would spray walls, furniture anything! That was never cool!


:joy: :joy: :joy:

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Had to buy a new gun. Envirospec sent me a new hose.
Ive only been washing a few months so nothing crazy yet other than not locking in tips all the way and launching them into space.


Ha ha - done that one before!


Never to be seen again! :flushed:


Had some Anderson vinyl windows turn orange during a wash Stopped soaping the windows after I saw them doing it,washed on around the house, When I came back to look at them…they were bright white. I was VERY relieved.

I mentioned this on here the day it happened and IBS said that they would do it.

I test windows now.


Nothing big pressure washing related. Sitting in the hospital with Blaire waiting to hear if we’re having a baby now or later. 3:15am dr walks in and says “wake up guys we’re having a baby right now”

My emotions were all over the place lol


Hired my “best friend”

Lesson to all… don’t hire friends


Grass swallows everything!!


Washed a house for a lady.
Loaded everything up got paid and headed home.
Go out later to unload truck. Start walking to my shed with my ladder which hangs on side of shed. As I round the corner I get sight of the shed and guess what? My ladder is hanging on the shed! Id loved to seen the look on my face lol.

I loaded the ladies ladder up and took it. It was laying right by the garage where I parked my truck and I just loaded it up and took it!

I called her up and said this is the guy that washed your house. And she’s like oh my I can’t believe how good of a job you done on the house. Its just amazing blah blah blah.
Then I’m like I’m so glad you are satisfied but we have one problem and she’s says what’s that.
I said I accidently stole your ladder when I left as I thought it was mine! It was all good. We laughed about it and I took it back. Stopped on the way at Dunkin Donuts and bought her a dozen of donuts to give her. She was so nice about it and was a good laugh. I was embarrassed tho having to return someones ladder!
Next day I got a call from her daughter to do her house! Ended up doing the paps house also.


Took on a huge strip/stain job roughly 1000sqft and three separate decks on the house. Turns out the deck was originally stained with oil, then deck paint, then solid color stain. Long story short there isn’t one chemical that will clean all this build up and I spent a week striping the deck when it should have been about a day n half work.

The homeowner did give me the can of the product on the deck didn’t thing about to ask about the last 5 applications that he applied it over…


Went to connect my supply water line and the water spigot snapped off in my hand. After finding the main shut off i spent the next 2 hours back and forth under the house and to the hardware store to fix it. Original builder had not attached Spigot to the house and the pvc line had gotten brittle.
Home owner was very thankful for the repair and will call me again next year for another wash. :grin:


I had a ladder hit a copper water main in a multiplex . 10 residents had no water . Cost almost $800 to get a plumber out there after hours. Nobody was all that upset because the plumber showed up really quick. Probably only out of water for an hour or so


I was cleaning some French pane windows on a repeat customers house, but she always wants different windows cleaned a lot of clean this one and this one, but not that one, do the outside on these but inside and out on these. So the bill is always different.

Anyway I cleaned them and then walked around to count them and was talking on the phone at the same time, added up to 624 panes @ .50 each $312. I told her and she paid me by check, I parked around the corner and deposited the check and was going to the next job. Started thinking, man that seems like a lot of windows considering what I skipped I started adding in my head and knew I screwed up.

Drove back to her house and recounted, it was 424 panes, I over charged her by $100. I knocked on the door and gave her $100 cash (since I already deposited her check) and explained my mistake.

She laughed it off and said I thought that sounded higher than last time, but what do I know.

Worked out good. Called me back again already for more work so win, win.



I quoted a $600 house wash on the wrong house. It was later when I went to clean the house, that I realized the correct house sat a few hundred ft. down a separate drive from the mailbox and it was smaller. The home owner wasn’t there, so I called and explained what happened and of course lowered my price. He laughed and said, well my wife thought your price was kind of high. Lol!


A couple of times I have started to wash the wrong house. I never made it to actual wash but I’ve setup at the wrong house twice before I realized.


Earlier this year I was washing a house I had washed previously. Only difference was they had a new heat pump and a/c unit installed. I wasn’t thinking, and started to wash without bagging and covering all electrical. Apparently, the installer didn’t connect the conduit that runs from the junction box to the unit, nor was it sealed correctly and secured to the house. After rinsing, I heard a loud popping and knocking sound, and the box had started smoking. I was just glad the homeowner was home to throw the breaker. Talk about scaring the crap outta you! I now double check all electrical before washing. The rain had never caused an issue at this house because the box was under the deck, and hardly ever got wet.