Dummy move #3758 this week

brought a lift down right on top of a commercial flood light. Electrician has already taken it apart and to the supply house to get another one.

I need a break man… this week has been nuts. But the point is… if you screw something up fix it fast. Already let the maintenance manager know what happened and it’ll be back to normal before COB.

Own it. Fix it fast.


I think somebody is very tired. And maybe getting a touch of vacation brain.

When are you arriving in ATL?


Thursday morning. I fully intend to sleep for a few hours after check in. Lol

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If you want to drive over you can take my JLG operation class! Looks like you could use a refresher lol

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Always keep an extra set of eyes on the ground. I learned that after almost taking out a few light posts with a Jlg 120. Glad you were able to get it repaired fast.


This goes a long way with customers. Being forthcoming, honest, and taking responsibility to fix it proactively. I was washing a 1.5mil house, and there were like 5 French doors I taped. I used painter stucco tape, but the paint job was horrible and took some paint off. I told the customer right away and it took me two weeks dealing with Sherman Williams to get it matched and fixed. The customer was so impressed by the way it was handled he referred me to several people, asked me to print him a pull tab strip and put it up in the pool house, also post it on the neighborhood app. @squidskc is giving good advice here. No matter how big or small, leave the job with the customers property how you found it. Minus the green stuff ofc


This is extremely important. I was staining a fence with a bit more wind than I prefer but it was directly across my shoulder so it should have been fine, should being the operative word. It was not. I got a text from my customer that evening that the next door neighbor whose car was 20 yds behind me had over spray on it. I sent the neighbor a note immediately telling them we would be there in the morning to take care of it. He sent me a simple thanks. He was also waiting for me the next day. Turns out he is a GC, asked me for a bunch of business cards and would I be a sub for him. He said he never gets an immediate response to a problem from his subs.


Believe it or not I had two sets of eyes on the ground, but they were doing other things. I should’ve waited, but once I get moving it’s hard for me to stop myself. Lol

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